We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

...or Tucson for that matter!

Many things are new and different here in Switzerland, but nothing is as different or effects us on a daily basis as much as the weather. (The language comes in a close second...)

Here is the forecast for the next couple of days:

Google Weather
SRF Meteo

Whether it is written in English or German, it is getting cold here in Zug. (The SRF forecast is slightly more optimistic, though. ; )

(Note: Temperatures are Celsius.)

Despite the chill in the air and our extra wardrobe...
This is without a few of Mo's coats/boots as she is in the mountains on a school trip.

...you can NOT beat the views:
Looking out over Lake Zug.

Looking out over the running track where I exercise daily.

And just outside Maureen's school.

Here is a chilly poem to keep you warm:

I stroll down
the snowy lane
memories of flip-flops
©2017, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.
Warning: Shameless Publication News below
My poem, "Black Ice" was published in the monthly literary journal, ARIEL CHART. (My poem is below the Thin Boiled Blood short story.) This is particularly exciting because Ariel Chart is a signatory of Poets and Writers. (www.pw.org) Published works are credited in their renown Directory of Writers. Squee!