2017 Magee/Uhlik Family Nutshell News

For as long as Joe and I have been married (28 years and counting...) I have always sent out Christmas cards. In recent years, along with the cards, I have included mixed nut year-in-review poems in lieu of an annual Christmas letter.

This year, living in Switzerland, it is monetarily prohibitive to send cards and Nutshell News via snail mail to everyone on our Christmas list (2CHF per letter abroad!). So this post will have to serve as the platform for the 2017 Magee/Uhlik Family Nutshell News:

*her dog, Loki, and her cats, Thor and Odin


Please let me know via the comments or direct email (bridget@bridgetmagee.com) what's been happening in your world in 2017. I'm going to miss  receiving your Christmas cards, your pictures, and your letters by post. I get homesick sometimes.