Switzerland from a Different Angle - Smidgey

Moving across the world was a big decision. We had to take many factors into consideration - not the least of which was how this move would affect our dog, Smidgey.

Would she have to be quarantined?

Would she need a lot of vaccines/medication?
Just a rabies booster and an EU microchip.

Could she travel with us?
No, but the company provided a pet transport service.

Today, I thought I'd give our littlest, furriest member of the family a chance to speak...so to speak.

Smidgey on her throne.

Me (Bridget/Dog Mom): What was your first impression of Switzerland when you arrived in August?

Smidgey: Barkity-bark-bark-yip? Woof bark woof bark. Yip yip, woof woof, ruff YAP-PITY YAP!*

*translation: We live in Switzerland? Huh, I was wondering why I hadn't seen any cacti or snakes. Mostly I remember you were with me and then you weren't and then YOU WERE!

 Me:  Now that you've been here 3 1/2 months, have your impressions changed? How?

Smidgey: Bark-bark, yip? Woof woofity-woof ruff. Yippity-yap-yip. Yap-yap-yip?*

*translation: Has it been that long? You haven't disappeared again so I am happy. In fact you take me on the train in my nifty roller box. But, what's with the dog sweaters?

Roller dog = stroller dog.
Her eyes say it all.

Me: What are the things you like most about living in Switzerland so far?

Smidgey: Yip, yap, yippity-yap. Ruff, barkity-bark-bark-bark.*

*translation: You, dad, and Maureen. Also, I really like all the walks you take me on because of the grass and the smells and the food I find on the sidewalk.

Cuddle time!
Man's best friend...depending on the day.
Me: What things don't you like about living in Switzerland?

Smidgey: Yappity-yip-yap woof bark bark. Ruff, YIPYIPYIPYIP! YAAAAAAAAAAAP!*

*translation:  I miss Colleen and my nephew, Loki.
And, I hate electric cow fences! OOOOOOOUCH!

Who has the bed now?

Me: What part of this transition has been the hardest?

Smidgey: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!*

*translation: Don't bug me, I'm sleeping. 
Cocoon dog.

I guess that concludes our interview with Smidgey. She has a ruff rough life, doesn't she?

Here is my poem celebrating Smidgey's unique Rat Terrier nature:

with only two modes
turbo-speed or asleep
Smidge is either a lump
or taking a flying leap 

©2017, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.