Switzerland from a Different Angle - Maureen

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my musings and poetry about our new life in Switzerland. The subject of each post is ultimately decided by me, but Joe and Maureen have tremendous input into what goes on the blog, because after all, this is just as much their adventure as mine. Today, I've decided to let one of them do the talking.

Maureen didn't want to write a post herself, but she agreed to be interviewed. So here she is:
Isn't she a cutie? 

Me (Bridget/Mom): What was your first impression of Switzerland when you arrived in August?

Mo: My first impression was that it was pretty, and very, very different from Arizona. And, that the weather was nicer, too.
I agree. Do you?

Me:  Now that you've been here just about 3 months, have your impressions changed? How?

Mo:  Well, yes, because my first impression of Switzerland was when we were staying in Sins, which is much less populated than Zug. We didn't do much initially, so my impression now is that Switzerland is a place where everyone automatically knows what to do, and how to do it.

Me: What is your favorite thing about Switzerland so far?

Mo: The chocolate!
Remember these? Yummmm...

Me:What don't you like about living in Switzerland?

Mo:  Public transportation. It's very crowded and people aren't always the nicest... but I did see a hairless cat wrapped up in a pink blanket at the train station once, so I think it's all worth it for that. :)

Me:What part of this transition has been the hardest?

Mo:  I miss my old school.

Me:  Do you think Smidgey likes living here? 

Mo: More or less. She likes having more walks, but doesn't like needing a sweater.
She does look a little embarrassed.

Me: How do you like your new school? What are your favorite parts?

Mo: I like that they offer classes like guitar, drama, and art & design as regular classes, so you don't have to pick only one as an elective.

Me: What do you miss about Tucson?
Mo: My old school.

Me: What do you think about the weather in Switzerland?

Mo:  It's nice. Not hot, just nicely cool. I'm holding my breath for the winter cold snap though!

Me:  Moving to a new country is a brave thing to do. Are there any other accomplishments you've achieved since moving to Switzerland that you want tell us about?

Mo:  I can play "Mary had a little Lamb" on the guitar now! Plus, I've been hiking a lot.
Mo hiking on a school trip...

...with friends.

Here is a tiny poem for my Mo:

doll enthusiast
voracious reader
hiking stud
Smidgey cheerleader
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If you have any questions for Maureen, please leave them in the comments. She may or may not answer you - she is a teenager after all. : )