Ssswwweeet! Part 1

It has been said (and it is very true!) that Switzerland is the land of chocolate...and by extension, chocolate factories. And being a family that fully appreciates the blessings bestowed upon us, Joe, Mo and I have begun to investigate the many wonders of these delightful facilities...for the manufacturing processes, of course! Joe is an engineer after all. : )

Luckily, we didn't need a golden ticket and there weren't any creepy orange oompa-loompas or Johnny Depps lurking about when we visited Maestrani's Chocolarium just outside Zurich.

The tour began with an inspirational quote (that carried over to today's poem) :

and a sweet seat:

We experienced the chocolate making process from 'milking the cows':
Udderly hard work!

To sugar beet explanations: 
Makes your teeth hurt, doesn't it?

Then on to where the magic happens:
...I see you!

Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take pictures of the manufacturing floor - secrets and stuff, but believe me, Joe was drooling. Well, maybe he was mostly drooling because just about every 5 feet there were chocolate samples provided for your tasting pleasure:
Not one...
...not two...

...but SIX sample stations where you can taste as much chocolate as you want!

But what really got Joe's mouth watering was the chocolate fountain room. There were three fountains: dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. And we were in the room...alone. You'd have thought Joe had died and gone to heaven! It was hard to get him to move on...

...sample some more.
Repeat x 20!

Next we headed to the Dots of Happy Wishes room:
How we feel, dear reader.

Then we got to make our own chocolate bar. Maureen and Joe collaborated on a dark chocolate delight for themselves, and I made a special bar for someone back in the US who needs a little sweet boost:
Made with love!

The tour ended on a poetic note:

I'm with von Goethe, no one should embark on any journey without chocolate. What would be the point?

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chocolate bits
direct my creativity -
happiness is my path

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Stay tuned for Ssswwweeet Part 2! 

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