Circle Around

According to the idiom 'circle around' means "to move in a circular motion to engage in reconnaissance or to figuratively evaluate a situation." I feel like that is what we have been doing since moving to Switzerland - engaging in reconnaissance as we evaluate our situation.

As we've been circling around we have encountered many circles! I'm not sure why, but the following random round objects caught my eye...enough that I took pictures of them and wrote the circle inspired poem below. Enjoy!
Mall corridor in Zug.
At Transportation Museum in Luzern.

Ceiling of Zurich Bahnhof.
From Dots of Happiness room at the Chocolarium.

Sculpture in front of Roche.
World sculpture in Zug.

Freaky store display in Zug.
'Chocolate' ceiling in Chocolarium.
And an All American Apple Pie made in a Swiss Kitchen.


©2017, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


Linda B said...

Well put together, Bridget. That "circle round" to me means to look at something from a variety of sides (parts?) I love your courage to keep at it, but also realize you must. Love the pics, and the poem!

Bridget Magee said...

Thank you, Linda! I like your definition as well. Yes, we must keep at it, though some days are tougher than others. Comments on my blog help. =)

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