Funny Money

Switzerland is known for being an expensive country, which we can vouch for, but this is not a post bemoaning how much things cost. Instead, this is a post about the Swiss currency itself - the Swiss Franc and how I feel about it.

I recently realized I have no emotional attachment to Swiss Francs. This is strange to me as I have strong feelings about US Dollars (I'm very fond of them! ;)

188.80 CHF

Swiss Franc bills feel plastic and are colorful. They come in different sizes depending on the denomination. And the Swiss use Franc coins on a regular basis. It is all so different from US Dollars which I think are consistent to the touch, in color, and in size. And change is change (for the most part) - not worth 5 CHF!

When I buy things with cash it feels weird and different - like I am spending play money! Definitely not how you want to feel as a consumer. And because every transaction is fraught with anxiety (on my part) because of the language, I rarely look at, let alone count, the change I get back from cashiers. Boy, if a cashier wanted to make a few extra bucks off of a dumb American, I'm their gal!

Today's poem is a tribute to the Funny Money of Switzerland. I hope I fall in love with you soon, Franc, and so does our bank account.

Fun Fact: Today, 10/10/2017, the exchange rate is 1 Swiss Franc = 1.03 US Dollar.


  1. I've only used "other" money in eastern Europe & even then, it felt odd, unreal as you say. Your picture does show that it looks like play money, but do remember to collect 200 francs when you pass GO! FYI - I think I relied on the honesty with change back, too!

    1. If only you could get 200CHF to pass GO! Thanks for always sharing your experiences, Linda! =)


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