Funny Money

Switzerland is known for being an expensive country, which we can vouch for, but this is not a post bemoaning how much things cost. Instead, this is a post about the Swiss currency itself - the Swiss Franc and how I feel about it.

I recently realized I have no emotional attachment to Swiss Francs. This is strange to me as I have strong feelings about US Dollars (I'm very fond of them! ;)

188.80 CHF

Swiss Franc bills feel plastic and are colorful. They come in different sizes depending on the denomination. And the Swiss use Franc coins on a regular basis. It is all so different from US Dollars which I think are consistent to the touch, in color, and in size. And change is change (for the most part) - not worth 5 CHF!

When I buy things with cash it feels weird and different - like I am spending play money! Definitely not how you want to feel as a consumer. And because every transaction is fraught with anxiety (on my part) because of the language, I rarely look at, let alone count, the change I get back from cashiers. Boy, if a cashier wanted to make a few extra bucks off of a dumb American, I'm their gal!

Today's poem is a tribute to the Funny Money of Switzerland. I hope I fall in love with you soon, Franc, and so does our bank account.

Fun Fact: Today, 10/10/2017, the exchange rate is 1 Swiss Franc = 1.03 US Dollar.