Fungus Amongus

Since moving to Switzerland our family has learned to
"Take a Hike"...literally. The moist, temperate climate and multiple mountain ranges have been very conducive to our new wanderweg ways.
On our uphill climb.

On our hikes we've come across many flora and fauna that we never encountered in the desert of Tucson (I do NOT miss jumping cholla or scorpions!). But the most interesting discovery we've made on our hikes is wide variety of fungi. Who knew there were so many kinds of mushrooms lurking?

The following pictures are of mushrooms we spotted on the trail in Zugerburg - a mountain overlooking Zug and Lake Zug. Maureen was amazing at seeing the titchy fungis
(or "fun-guys" as we like to think of them).
Like finding an egg on a stalk.
We decided this one looked like an inverted umbrella.

These ones 'stumped' us.
Which are mushrooms and which are leaves?

Mushroom shelving.
Growing out of the side of the mountain.
Looks like warts.
And finally...
...two 'fun-guys' (Dave and Joe).

Here is my tiny poem about the function and purpose of the Fungus Amongus:
mushrooms assemble
to orchestrate
a decomposition 
©2017, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.