Friday, October 27, 2017

Flock of Cranes

The architecture in our Zug neighborhood is varied in size, usage, and age. Below is a quick walking tour of some of the buildings surrounding our apartment building.

There are the old time Swiss houses:

There are the somewhat more modern apartment buildings:

One of many office buildings:

And then, there is the skyscraper:

Our neighborhood skyscraper is attached to the Bossard Arena, where the professional ice hockey team, the EVZ play. This multi-use building houses not only the professional hockey stadium, but also:
a curling hall 
a hockey training hall
an outdoor ice-skating rink (in winter)
office space
apartment space
restaurant (the Uptown)
a daycare
- all in ONE building!

When we moved here, it shocked me that this tall of a building was located in a generally residential area. And apparently it shocks the birds, too - to death. When I am walking Smidgey past this building I usually see this:
Poor birdy!

Dead birds aside, we have a flock of a different species hovering above our neighborhood as well. A flock of cranes! No, not the feathered cranes, instead we have many, many construction cranes flying high:

Outside our front (kitchen) window we are watching the construction of a new Siemens office building for which up to three cranes assist (only one is shown):

Here is a long view of the construction going on across the street:

And here is a big ol' crane assisting in the building of a three story triplex on the tiny street behind our building:
These noisy, looming metal structures inspired my shape poem:

Here it is in regular spacing:
crane frame
truss veins
boom swings
pulley sings
©2017, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


Linda B said...

The girls go to a downtown school, & this week a nearby building had a crane placing something on top. We watched in awe at the workers up so, so high "swinging" around for the proper place. Love your idea of a "crane frame". You have a lot going on out your window!

Bridget Magee said...

Yes, these crane operators are amazing. They have many obstacles and huge equipment to negotiate. And yes, there is a lot going on out our window and in our neighborhood. I love living in the city.

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