Baby Boom, Baby Zoom

The best way I can think of to begin healing from all that has been going on recently is to focus on little people. In Zug there are plenty of little people out and about. In fact, Joe, Mo, and I have all noticed that there seems to be a Swiss baby boom: pregnant women, women pushing strollers, toddlers, and preschoolers everywhere we turn. Little people bring me joy.

Previously I wrote about how Maureen navigates public transportation (2 buses and 1 train) on her own to get to school. She is definitely not the exception. Kids as young as kindergarten-age through high school regularly walk, ride bikes, and take public transportation to get to school on their own. But independent kids don't just emerge when they go to school. No, little people on pedal-less bikes zip about in stores, in train stations, and on sidewalks. Usually they are WAY ahead of their grownups. Many times it's hard to tell which adult belongs to the little person that is zig-zagging through a sea of adult legs. And some of these little people are FAST! Like this guy (he's maybe 3 years old) who was zooming through the train station - look at that joy:

tiny legs
on a scooter
helmeted blur
nothing cuter
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