Street Appeal

Canton Zug is very wealthy. It has the lowest tax rate in all of Switzerland. As such, it attracts many international corporations, such as:
Roche (where Joe works)
Johnson & Johnson
plus many, many more.

Along with corporations, Zug attracts wealthy individuals who can benefit from the low tax rate as well. For the most part, individual wealth is subtle except when it comes to their choice in cars (and real estate, but that is another post). We've only been here a month and we have seen some of the most expensive cars available driving down the street. We've seen:
Aston Martin
Rolls Royce
Alfa Romeo
BMW and Mercedes (models that Joe's never seen in the US)
*PGO = Joe's next car.

With all that horsepower (wow, some of those engines are loud!) and precision handling, you might not think that people would drive their luxury vehicles to bip around town, but they do. And it must be frustrating for them because just when they get their speed up, they may have to stop on a dime for a pedestrian.
Swiss crosswalks are sacred. If there is a person crossing the street, the cars MUST stop. And they actually do! Thank goodness for high performance brakes.

Today's poem looks at the bright side of stopping for pedestrians and traffic. Enjoy! Oh, and if you feel so inclined, share your 'dream' car in the comments then I'll be on the look out for it on the streets of Zug.

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