At top of stairs on way to the bus after a hike.
Stairs on the hiking trail.

Stairs, stairs, stairs...we encounter countless stairs through out our day. To get to the train platform. To get to the front door. To get to the top of the mountain. Everywhere we turn there are stairs. And frankly, we have mixed feelings about all these stairs. On the one hand, it is a cardio workout sprinkled throughout the day. On the other hand, it is a cardio workout sprinkled throughout the day.

Elevators are an option sometimes, but usually they take longer than running up the stairs, which if you happen to be a teenager, doesn't matter. Maureen is happy to use any and all elevators when given the option - and when she comes home from school, she has the option. In our apartment building, Maureen is a diehard elevator enthusiast even though we only live on the second floor.
Looking down our staircase from outside our front door.
I can understand why she is sick of stairs as the poor girl has to go up three flights of stairs to get to the 8th grade floor of her middle school every day - that's a lot of stairs! Just ask her...
Today's  poem is dedicated to my Maureen who gets a bit hySTAIRical about stairs:

if it's a step down
it's a good thing
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