State of the Art

Between relying on public transportation and having an apartment-dwelling dog, we walk A. LOT. Lucky for us the canton (state) we live in, Zug, has not only beautiful landscapes, but also an abundance of public art. The following photos of public art can be found on our daily commutes and/or dog walking routes. And since this is a post about art, my poem is brief with the images doing the most of the talking*...
This sculpture is in a meadow behind the shopping mall.

This fountain is right outside our apartment building.

One of many Bulls in the city..
...another Bull
...and yet another Bull.
Mo's favorite.
Tucked between two apartment buildings.
A dragon slide on a public school playground.
*Speaking of talking...Smidgey SCREAMED at this one...
...and these guys!


Linda B said...

I have a lot of public art in my neighborhood, too, and lucky you to have these. They're awesome. I love those little blue sheep! Sore feet, moleskin?

Bridget Magee said...

Lucky you, Linda! There wasn't much public art in walking distance when we lived in Tucson, so the art here is a real treat.
My sore feet stems from the fact that I only have 2 pair of shoes - flip flops and tennis shoes! Our air shipment with all of my other shoes has not arrived. I'm getting by with my limited footwear selection, but I wish I had a few more pairs. Soon! =)

Jeanette Rebello said...

I love the colorful bulls. They remind me of similar cows I've seen in California and the Northwestern USA. I wonder whether the artist is the same for both cows and bulls. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Jeanette! Yes, the bull statues are similar to some of the US cities' cow displays - the rainbow one is my favorite, too. Thanks for reading about our adventure and commenting. I appreciate it. =)

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