Gruezi from Suisse!

My husband, one of my daughters, and I moved to Zug, Switzerland about two weeks ago for my husband's career. Our adjustments have been big (we really need to learn German!) and small (my daughter has to remember to order "Wasser, no gas" so she doesn't get sparkling water).

One adjustment that caught us off guard our first weekend was that businesses are closed on Sundays - grocery stores and restaurants included. We had only been in the country 36 hours and realized that we didn't have resources to eat. After raiding a vending machine (it wasn't pretty), we discovered that small shops and restaurants are actually open at train stations. It's nice to know there is a place to go if we find ourselves unprepared again...

Below is my haiku about a fellow traveler we "met" in the Zug train station:
(photo credit: Maureen)