Evolution of Our Family's (Unsuccessful) Resistance Effort + Poetry Friday

election shock
dinnertime talk

our broken hearts
made into art

post-election mourn
Tyrannosaurus Rump born

prototypes paid
video made

as President sins
nonprofits win

crowdfunding source
social media force

30 day try
some mistakes, sigh

hearts laid bare
because we care

generous souls
didn't reach goal

 Recently our family dipped our toes in the resistance effort. In response to the devastating election results, our family created a Tyrannosaurus Rump plushie. (Video here.) We set up a crowdfunding campaign to fund the manufacturing and to donate to three important organizations (the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Union of Concerned Scientists) that help those affected by our Predator-In-Chief. Though we fell short of our goal, 34 people backed our campaign and pledged $2050. All of the money was returned to the supporters because we didn't reach our goal. Throughout our journey we were met with kindness and support - especially in the Poetry and Kid-Lit community. Thank you! And we didn't experience any backlash or haters, which is saying something in this day and age. Now we are focusing our resistance efforts on communicating with our Senators and Representatives and VOTING. Will you join us?

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