You Just Wait: Powerpack Poem 9 - Nutritious Relationship + Poetry Friday

While I have been in the throes of our families' Indiegogo project I have not had much time or energy to devote to National Poetry Month - boo!
So to keep on track I have decided to work all the way through Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong's  book, You Just Wait - A Poetry Friday Power Book  as a way to give myself structure.
Today I am sharing the poem I wrote for the Powerpack 9 prompt, Less Pressure (found poem) (which was really hard for me): Try writing a "found" poem of your own looking for words from another source and then arranging them into a poem. You can use these paragraphs on airplane wings and drag, if you like. You can use another poem or page from this book. You can use a passage of prose from an online source. Or you can even use text from a cereal box or other source with words on it.
I used our Shredded Wheat cereal box which is below:

The resulting poem is (with apologies):

97% of friendship is
48 grams of appreciation
47 grams of simple acts of goodness
with a Big-Bite of surprise


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