How Can I Help?

With each news story, I ask myself, "How can I help?" Here's a list of things I am doing to help... Hope it helps you as well.

Poetry + Protests + Postcards

As many of you can relate, recent days, weeks, months have put me in a morose mood (understatement). Last Friday, I could not and would not engage in any way with the In*UGH*uration. Instead I went to the library and was lucky enough to find this gem of a book:

Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice 
Edited by Gail Bush and Randy Meyer
2013 Norwood House Press, Chicago

Inside this book is a treasure trove of important poems. Flipping through the pages I found a poem by Langston Hughes that I thought was particularly poignant after the speech given at the In*UGH*uration:

by Langston Hughes

Misery is when you heard
on the radio that the neighborhood
you live in is a slum but
you always thought it was home.

On January 21st I participated in the Women's March, Tucson. It was an amazing experience to feel the solidarity.

And for the last month, my mailbox has been very happy as I have received several New Year Poetry Postcards. Thank you to Jone Rush MacCulloch for organizing the Exchange!

From Brenda Davis Harsham I received a delightful Penguin Play poem complete with artwork by her daughter Anna!

From Diane Mayr I received a Happy New Year greeting in Japanese: Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! with an expertly crafted haiku:

From Linda Mitchell I receive two lovely butterfly postcard poems - my heart took flight!

And from Jan Godown Annino I received a "sign" about books postcard poem!

So much goodness. My heart is full, but not too full to enjoy this week's Poetry Friday roundup hosted by Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink.

Hummingbird Dance

Meanwhile in my backyard...

Many thanks to Joy who got me thinking about my favorite bird...

Just You Wait: Powerpack Poem 6 - Flight of Lucidity + Poetry Friday

I'm still writing poetry inspired by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong's  newest book, You Just Wait - A Poetry Friday Power Book. Today I am sharing the poem I wrote that fit the Powerpack 6 prompt Spinning (concrete poem): Write a concrete or "shape" poem about something round or circular or spherical and try to arrange your words or lines in the shape of a circle or ring. Or try a different shape, if you prefer. 
I used a different shape:

Powerpack Poem 1 is here.
Powerpack Poem 2 is here.
Powerpack Poem 3 is here.
Powerpack Poem 4 is here.
Powerpack Poem 5 is here.

Keri is hosting this week's Poetry Friday gathering at Keri Recommends.

Blog Birthday by the Numbers

Help me celebrate by leaving your wish for 2017 in the comments so I can add it to mine when I blow out the candles on my Blog Birthday cake. Thank you and Happy New Year!