Poetrepreneur - 10 Steps to Writing Acrostic Poetry Video

In recent weeks life has served up a couple of stress-filled events that fueled my poetic creativity: Bad CARma and Cast Off.

Then there was the lead up to the election and the election itself. Ugh.  As I've said in the past, in times of crisis I get creative. And again I have put my crisis energy into creating something heartfelt, something helpful, and hopefully something humorous in this third installment of my 10 Steps To Writing Poetry Video Series - Acrostic Poetry.

My hope is that this video will help you feel better if you have been struggling. Let me know if it does. :)

You can also watch Video 1 - Riddle Poems here and Video 2 - Limericks here.
*Please note that the companion handbooks are no longer available*

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