Happy Band-Aid Day!

September 22 is Band-Aid Day and to celebrate I am sharing my poem Band-Aid Cure which appears in the Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations!

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebration is a year long celebration of poetry - perfect for teachers, librarians, parents and most especially CHILDREN!
This week's Poetry Friday roundup is at Reading to the Core.

Another Perspective on Labor Day

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Happy Labor Day - however you see it! :o)

Poetrepreneur - Video 2...and Thank YOU!

Happy Poetry Friday! Find all the poetry goodness at Penny's blog!

Today's post is about gratitude. Gratitude to the Poetry Friday community for their kindness, support and feedback as I launch my new Poetrepreneur venture which was born out of crisis. Thank you for your kind words, supportive comments, and helpful feedback. I TRULY appreciate it. 

Today I am sharing the second video in my 10 Steps to Writing Poetry videos: 10 Steps to Writing Limerick Poems. It comes in at 5:46 - much more doable time wise! 

I have incorporated all the amazing feedback I got on my Riddle poem video (shorten the length, lower the volume of typing/music, include voice over, etc.) in this Limerick video.

Enjoy, and thank YOU!

*HUGE thank you to my daughter, Maureen for doing the voice over on the Riddle poem video and to my husband, Joe for lending his voice on the Limerick video.
P.S. (You can watch the new and improved version (ie. shorter) of the Riddle Poem video here.)