Ugh, Tummy Bug

sprawled in bed
close to the loo
tummy's on strike
trying not to...ew

Spring Heat-quinox

spring has sprung
and leaked into

Beware the SLIDES of March

I ssslither,                                                                
A: I'm the first rattlesnake of spring!
I ssslide.
I crosssss the path
then hide.

Who am I?

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3.14 Pieces, Please

Plenty of pie                       
Photo Credit
on Pi Day.
Let's celebrate -
no better way.

pieces, please.
What I can't eat,
I will freeze.

Happy Pi Day!

Mind. Blown.

blow a whistle                                                          
Photo Credit
blow your horn
blow a harmonica
a musician is born

blow a kiss
blow out a candle
blow on your soup
too hot to handle

with soap or gum
blow your bubbles
blow a dandelion
release your troubles

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Mom. Shouldn't. Text. (Repost)

I text Mom
and I know
her response
will be slow.

She hunts,
she pecks.
Her spelling
she must check.

Mom won't LOL
when she laughs out loud -
reducing words
is not allowed.

Text messaging -
Mom hasn't the knack.
It's always easier
to call her and yak.

Family Road Trip

seat belts clip                                                                    
sun visor flip
family road trip

steering wheel grip
traffic zips
family road trip

coffee sip
caffeine drip
family road trip

day old chips
warm ranch dip
(dad let one rip)
family road trip

open window nip
winds whip
family road trip

 NPR quip
singing not so hip
family road trip                                                                      
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safety tip
caution: dip
family road trip

*PG stanza*
expletive slip
middle finger flip
family road trip

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

A pinch of Grinch,
A Hat full of Cat.
How did Dr. Seuss
Ever think of that?

A Turtle named Yertle,
A man who can Moo.
It's amazing what
Dr. Seuss could do.

Red Fish, Blue Fish,
And Eggs that are Green.
Dr. Seuss is the best
The world has ever seen!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!