The Gas She'll Pass

small body                                                                            
big heart
but watch out
when she farts

Overnight Low

desert frost warning*                                                                            
The wire mesh is its "crib".
our lemon tree sapling wears
a bunting

*this is referencing the frost warning from a few weeks ago

This week's PF hostess is Tara at A Teaching Life

My Mistake

a puff of white
precedes each of my
footfalls as I jog                                                               
Kerri is hosting today's Poetry Friday Roundup!
on the desert path

from a distance I see
your supine form
stretched amid the
dried grass
sunning yourself in the
feverless winter sunshine

the arc and swerve
of your body
frozen in mid-undulation
catches my eye                                                                

I stop short
proceed with caution

one end of you is
tipped up in warning
but no rattling sound
accompanies your stance

the other end
shunned from my view
holds no clue
to your lifeless body

when I am right above you
I realize you are
a winter snake
a stick snake

my mistake

but good practice
come spring

Lottery Ticket

six digits                                            
that prove humanities'

(or stupidity?)

En Garde

his foil curved and extended                 
Photo Credit
my desert foe's lunge is quick


Many Thanks to Tabatha for hosting this week!

Builds Me Up

early morning dreams collapse -
incessant beeping
deconstructs my sleep

New Year's Vision

vision clear
New Year

hug my dear
without fear

focus here
listening ear

never jeer
only cheer

New Year
vision clear

Happy New Year! Wishing you rhyme, rhythm, and poetic peace in 2016.