Magazine Myths

The colorful
glossy pages
give me tips
and tricks
to look better,
feel better,
smell better,
and eat better.

But by the last
I feel ugly,
and fat.

$2.98 well spent?

Diane is our host this week at Random Noodling.


Tabatha said...

Ouch! A good question to think twice about, Bridget.

jama said...

So true. Impossible standards to uphold and air brushed perfection often have that effect.

Linda B said...

Wonderfully said! I was at the dentist this am & there was one sentence in an article that asked: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go an entire day without commenting on anyone's appearance? Instead, compliment what they're doing!" Thanks Bridget, and Merry Christmas.

Mary Lee said...

I subscribed to O for awhile when it was new. I got so irritated with the ads that I would go through and pull them out before reading the magazine. When I looked at what little was left, I realized that the money was NOT well-spent!

Carol said...

Wow! Big truth here!

Violet N. said...

Oh boy - a pointy question! Why do we so often put ourselves through this?

I purchase few magazines these days. Ezines and blogs are free and it takes only a click to unsubscribe.

Anonymous said...

The only magazines I read are the ones in the doctor's waiting room. It's amazing how many I can get through while waiting for an appointment - how quickly pages turn. (And how issues of the same magazine contradict each other.) Great poem, Bridget.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Tabatha! Save your $2.98 for something more positive. =)

Bridget Magee said...

I know, Jama, it's a wonder many women have eating disorders. Thanks for stopping by. =)

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