Pup In a Box Holiday Greeting

Woofy Yip-yap, aroo!                                                                    
Bow-wow-woof yippity yap-yap bark
yowl ruff arf bark-bark row-row yip
yap woof yip row-row. Yip-yap woof-woof bark.

Merry Christmas, friends!
Please let my terrific people know
that I don't like to wear sweaters
or stand in a box. But I am a gift.

Solstice Redux Squared

shortest day
longest night
winter chill
frost bite

candles lit
voices strong
global peace
solstice song

shortest day
longest to-do list

Magazine Myths

The colorful
glossy pages
give me tips
and tricks
to look better,
feel better,
smell better,
and eat better.

But by the last
I feel ugly,
and fat.

$2.98 well spent?

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Birds On a Wire

two birds tweet high                                                                      
Photo Credit
one bird tweets low
together they reach
avian crescendo

Dieting Advice

avoid any behavior
that begins with the word 

On wall at La Bontana Restaurant in Tucson, AZ.
Find all the delicious poetry you can eat at A Teaching Life.

It's All Relative

I put on pants -
for today this is
a great accomplishment

Car Bye, Car Buy

my car's a joke                                                               
My new (to me) car!
it finally broke

now we shop
Craigslist nonstop

buy used or new?
pick orange or blue?

automatic or stick?
so hard to pick

take a test drive
hope I survive

accelerate fast
policeman passed

zip around town
must slow down

kick the tire
what's that wire?

needs work but nice
we negotiate a price

the deal is done
now driving's fun

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Staring Contest

his saucer eyes                                                                             
watch me
watch him
I blink