Never Fear, the Poetry Friday Round Up Is Here!!!

Today is my LUCKY day! This is my first time hosting Poetry Friday. Yay!
(Not sure what Poetry Friday is? Renée at No Water River gives a great explanation here.)

I am at once excited (welcome to my blog, I dusted the joint just for you),
nervous (what if my blog smells or worse, my poetry stinks?),
and down right terrified (what if the link-thingy doesn't work?).

Now that you are here, I will put my fears aside and do my best to be a fearless hostess.

But first a poem about...fear.

 FEAR (the other 4-letter F-word)

spilled salt
open umbrella
black cat passing
unlucky fella

broken mirror
under a ladder
Friday the 13th
nothing sadder

except for fear
ruling your life
only cause strife

Fun fact: paraskevidekatriaphobia means fear of Friday the 13th. Who knew?

Never fear, the round up HERE: