Seasonal Disorientation

I was dumbfounded
when I went shopping today.
I went looking for costumes
but found Christmas displays.

I combed the aisles
for ghosts and ghouls,
instead all I found
were Christmas jewels.

I searched for pumpkins,
but found lighted trees,
festive ornaments
instead of bulk candy.

What month is it -
October, right?
Then why is Santa
giving me a fright?

Stores seem confused
by the calendar dates.
If you're buying for Halloween,
it's already too late.

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I Love My Library Week

Books on sports,
books on healing,
books on how to fix my leaky ceiling.

Books on dragons,
books on flowers,
reading books gives me super powers.

Fiction, nonfiction
or computer binary,
find it all at your local library.

Happy I Love My Library Week!

Pigeonholing Pigeons

Image from PhotoPin

incessant pecking
bobble necking
these birds scavenge crumbs                  

iridescent feathers
alone or together
they're parking lot bums

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travel somewhere new
to intentionally relax

*I'm off on vacation...I'll be back with a poetry gift for YOU on Tuesday October 20th, my birthday!

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Signs of the Season

assorted teas

Vitamin C