Football Sunday

catching, throwing
running, kicking, tackling
watching other 
people exercise is 

The Round Up is at Poetry for Children

Band-Aid Cure - The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations

tears drip

eyes shut

soft hums

hugs me

Band-Aid cure

Note: Band-Aid is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson

To celebrate today, Band-Aid Day, I wrote this poem which appears in the The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations. This book is a year long celebration of poetry - perfect for teachers, librarians, parents, and most especially CHILDREN!

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Crunchy Breakfast

Snap! Crackle! Pop!                                                          
my joints
a bowl full of old

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Cure for Insomnia

close your eyes
breathe deep
relax your mind
fall asleep

Puppy, Puppy, Little Dog*

*To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Puppy, puppy, little dog,
deeply sleeping like a log.
Sprawled upon your pillow flat,
like a sausage round and fat.
Puppy, puppy, little dog,
deeply sleeping like a log.

Contagious Limerick

Fred's head ached and his throat was red.
He was told to stay in bed.
Fred did his best
to calmly rest,
but Fred fled and strep throat spread.

Backyard Bob

This bobcat visited our backyard this week.
polka-dot coat
growly throat

bobbed-tail saunter
ears perked taunter

fluid fence walker
backyard stalker

The lovely Linda is hosting the Poetry Friday fun at

Storm's Spectacle

thunder booms
cactus blooms

monsoon showers
desert flowers