Section B, Row M, Seat 10

in the middle of 
the sold out crowd
I am alone

Bird Bath Entertainment

birds in the fountain
their bathing rituals
make me           giggle


the sound of traffic
ebbing and flowing
urban ocean

Epic Egg Fail

eggs over difficult

Backyard Battle

Our canine soldier
is always on guard
for invading lizards
in our backyard.

She patrols the fence,
checks every bush.
When she spots the enemy,
steer clear ...W-H-O-O-S-H!

Between her teeth
the trespasser dangles.
Look out lizards,
this dog mangles.

With pup on duty
it should be known,
our backyard is now
a lizard war zone!

What's Going On Up There?

lightning storm
disco dance party
in heaven

Monsoon Musings

cicadas' steady thrum
hangs in the air
with the humidity

storm head
thunder competes
with my wind chimes

fat raindrops
pelt our roof
my favorite song

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