Pup In a Box Holiday Greeting

Woofy Yip-yap, aroo!                                                                    
Bow-wow-woof yippity yap-yap bark
yowl ruff arf bark-bark row-row yip
yap woof yip row-row. Yip-yap woof-woof bark.

Merry Christmas, friends!
Please let my terrific people know
that I don't like to wear sweaters
or stand in a box. But I am a gift.

Solstice Redux Squared

shortest day
longest night
winter chill
frost bite

candles lit
voices strong
global peace
solstice song

shortest day
longest to-do list

Magazine Myths

The colorful
glossy pages
give me tips
and tricks
to look better,
feel better,
smell better,
and eat better.

But by the last
I feel ugly,
and fat.

$2.98 well spent?

Diane is our host this week at Random Noodling.

Birds On a Wire

two birds tweet high                                                                      
Photo Credit
one bird tweets low
together they reach
avian crescendo

Dieting Advice

avoid any behavior
that begins with the word 

On wall at La Bontana Restaurant in Tucson, AZ.
Find all the delicious poetry you can eat at A Teaching Life.

It's All Relative

I put on pants -
for today this is
a great accomplishment

Car Bye, Car Buy

my car's a joke                                                               
My new (to me) car!
it finally broke

now we shop
Craigslist nonstop

buy used or new?
pick orange or blue?

automatic or stick?
so hard to pick

take a test drive
hope I survive

accelerate fast
policeman passed

zip around town
must slow down

kick the tire
what's that wire?

needs work but nice
we negotiate a price

the deal is done
now driving's fun

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Staring Contest

his saucer eyes                                                                             
watch me
watch him
I blink

Black Friday*

charred turkey

*I'm reposting this poem from last year because I liked it so much and I don't have any leftovers this year...enjoy!

Enjoy the Poetry Goodness at Carol's Corner.



the exact moment
the fun begins
without me

Without You...

...I am a sock without a shoe.
...I am a cow without her moo.
...I am a detective without a clue.
...I am a stamp without the glue.
...I am a To-Do list without a thing to do.
...I am a full bladder without a loo.
...I am a pigeon without its coo.
...I am a church without a pew.
...I am a ghost without its boo.
...I am the early morning grass without its dew.
...I am not my best me without you.

Dedicated to those of us who are missing someone today.

Luckily you don't have to miss out on the Poetry Friday goodness...just head over to Miss Rumphius Effect.


Smidgey, our overachieving dog!

*as opposed to an underdog

Never Fear, the Poetry Friday Round Up Is Here!!!

Today is my LUCKY day! This is my first time hosting Poetry Friday. Yay!
(Not sure what Poetry Friday is? Renée at No Water River gives a great explanation here.)

I am at once excited (welcome to my blog, I dusted the joint just for you),
nervous (what if my blog smells or worse, my poetry stinks?),
and down right terrified (what if the link-thingy doesn't work?).

Now that you are here, I will put my fears aside and do my best to be a fearless hostess.

But first a poem about...fear.

 FEAR (the other 4-letter F-word)

spilled salt
open umbrella
black cat passing
unlucky fella

broken mirror
under a ladder
Friday the 13th
nothing sadder

except for fear
ruling your life
only cause strife

Fun fact: paraskevidekatriaphobia means fear of Friday the 13th. Who knew?

Never fear, the round up HERE:

Sesame Street Day!


Count taught me my numbers,
with Big Bird I learned to share.
Telly taught me about triangles,
I love porridge because of Baby Bear.

From Bert's unibrow
to Ernie's orange skin,
time spent on Sesame Street
feels like time spent with kin.

photo credit: Big Bird via photopin (license)

Turbine Rhyme

propeller blades                                                  
Wind farm along California freeway.
go round and round
air cartwheels
stuck in the ground

whirligigs twirl
in desert heat
turn, rotate, spin

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Rabbit Robber

twitch nose
furry toes
stealthy bunny hops                                                       
Creative Commons

alert ears
along with my crops

Seasonal Disorientation

I was dumbfounded
when I went shopping today.
I went looking for costumes
but found Christmas displays.

I combed the aisles
for ghosts and ghouls,
instead all I found
were Christmas jewels.

I searched for pumpkins,
but found lighted trees,
festive ornaments
instead of bulk candy.

What month is it -
October, right?
Then why is Santa
giving me a fright?

Stores seem confused
by the calendar dates.
If you're buying for Halloween,
it's already too late.

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I Love My Library Week

Books on sports,
books on healing,
books on how to fix my leaky ceiling.

Books on dragons,
books on flowers,
reading books gives me super powers.

Fiction, nonfiction
or computer binary,
find it all at your local library.

Happy I Love My Library Week!

Pigeonholing Pigeons

Image from PhotoPin

incessant pecking
bobble necking
these birds scavenge crumbs                  

iridescent feathers
alone or together
they're parking lot bums

Poetry goodness is at Jama's Alphabet Soup


travel somewhere new
to intentionally relax

*I'm off on vacation...I'll be back with a poetry gift for YOU on Tuesday October 20th, my birthday!

In the meantime enjoy the poetry extravaganza at Writing the World for Kids

Signs of the Season

assorted teas

Vitamin C

Football Sunday

catching, throwing
running, kicking, tackling
watching other 
people exercise is 

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Band-Aid Cure - The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations

tears drip

eyes shut

soft hums

hugs me

Band-Aid cure

Note: Band-Aid is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson

To celebrate today, Band-Aid Day, I wrote this poem which appears in the The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations. This book is a year long celebration of poetry - perfect for teachers, librarians, parents, and most especially CHILDREN!

Order your copy today!

Crunchy Breakfast

Snap! Crackle! Pop!                                                          
my joints
a bowl full of old

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Cure for Insomnia

close your eyes
breathe deep
relax your mind
fall asleep

Puppy, Puppy, Little Dog*

*To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

Puppy, puppy, little dog,
deeply sleeping like a log.
Sprawled upon your pillow flat,
like a sausage round and fat.
Puppy, puppy, little dog,
deeply sleeping like a log.

Contagious Limerick

Fred's head ached and his throat was red.
He was told to stay in bed.
Fred did his best
to calmly rest,
but Fred fled and strep throat spread.

Backyard Bob

This bobcat visited our backyard this week.
polka-dot coat
growly throat

bobbed-tail saunter
ears perked taunter

fluid fence walker
backyard stalker

The lovely Linda is hosting the Poetry Friday fun at http://www.teacherdance.org/

Storm's Spectacle

thunder booms
cactus blooms

monsoon showers
desert flowers

National Dog Day

In honor of National Dog Day...
  our Dog

The Greatest Dog Ever, Smidgey Magee-Uhlik

Who Am I?

I am breakfast
while on the go,
sometimes referred to
as Vitamin O.

Despite my hole
I do not leak,
through my middle
you can peek.

I'm eaten plain
or drizzled with icing.
Either way
I'm quite enticing.

Topped with sprinkles
or chopped nuts,
I've been known
to cause big butts.

Who am I?

Pond•ering Haiku

lily pads float
for the fish

fish study
the muck

fish exhale
the ripples echo
their sighs

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Back To School Bake

As the temperatures rise,
my IQ drops.
In my hot classroom,
it feels like time stops.

Fans are whirring,
teacher's voice I can't hear.
Why do we start school
in the hottest month of the year? 

Shoe Shock

Palo Verde Beetle

Time to shop,
here are my shoes
I put them on
then I cruise.

What do I feel
tickling my toe?
Fingerlike antenna,
no, No, NO!

Out of my shoe
comes a horned head,
a spiked thorax
and wings spread.

From under the tongue
a beetle flies.
I scream, I run,
I cry, Cry, CRY!

After I'm calm
I go to the shops,
but now I wear
airy flip-flops.

Ode to My Mo

sewing stud
adores art
doll collector
great big heart

Happy 12th Birthday, Maureen!

Crowded Coffee House

conversations swirl around me
I only hear the voice
in my head

Section B, Row M, Seat 10

in the middle of 
the sold out crowd
I am alone

Bird Bath Entertainment

birds in the fountain
their bathing rituals
make me           giggle


the sound of traffic
ebbing and flowing
urban ocean

Epic Egg Fail

eggs over difficult

Backyard Battle

Our canine soldier
is always on guard
for invading lizards
in our backyard.

She patrols the fence,
checks every bush.
When she spots the enemy,
steer clear ...W-H-O-O-S-H!

Between her teeth
the trespasser dangles.
Look out lizards,
this dog mangles.

With pup on duty
it should be known,
our backyard is now
a lizard war zone!

What's Going On Up There?

lightning storm
disco dance party
in heaven

Monsoon Musings

cicadas' steady thrum
hangs in the air
with the humidity

storm head
thunder competes
with my wind chimes

fat raindrops
pelt our roof
my favorite song

Join the poetry fun as Donna hosts Poetry Friday at Manely Writes!

Cold Water Is What I've Got


the water heater went POP

flooded the floor
 mom and dad swore


Summer Solstice Song

In honor of the Summer Solstice celebrated last Sunday, June 21st...

Longest day,
shortest night.
Sun at noon,
highest height.

Summer heat,
day is long.
Frozen treat,
solstice song.

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The Heat Is On

midday mirage
a phantom puddle
outdistances my resolve

Super Dad!

I love my dad
with all my heart.
He's my hero -
                  and smart.

 Happy Father's Day! 

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Hand Signal

he cuts her off
she allows him
to read between the lines

Don't Sit On Me

Praying Mantis on bench outside my husband's office.
Excuse me,
don't sit here.
I'm praying.

Can't you see
my prayerful position?
My legs are joined,
my expression solemn?
I'd close my eyes,
if I could.

You don't think
I am a spiritual insect?

Did you hear that nasty rumor
about me eating
my mating partner's head?

It only happens about
30% of the time!
And it is only for his
nutritional proteins.

A girl's gotta eat, you know!
I do lay the eggs -
300 is no small feat!

So, please move along.

I pray thee,
don't sit on me.

Join me for Poetry Friday hosted by the incomparable Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup!

Glass of Fruit

seedless watermelon
a crunchy drink
of water

*my apologies for my day late poem...was under the weather yesterday, literally and figuratively

Itch Inception

persistent puddle
mosquito maternity ward


Bell is a ringing word,
a brass singing word.
*ding* the aroma of dinner
*ping* a jackpot winner
*dong* time to worship and pray
*gong* time to call it a day
Bell vibrates, eardrums gyrate.
Bell quivers, listeners shiver.
Bells are shiny, bells are weathered,
bells are held, bells are tethered.
Can a bell be unrung?

Can a song be unsung?

Many thanks to M

Michelle hosted Nikki Grimes on her blog. Nikki challenged us to try a wordplay exercise this month and create our own free verse poems. Click HERE for all the details.

Graduation Day

Names are read
Alphabetically said

Diplomas are given
Academically driven

Family’s proud
Cheers are loud

Across the stage
Life’s next page

In cap and gown
College bound

Graduation day