From Orange to Black, The Decomposition of Jack

I'm the Halloween pumpkin
you bought at the store.
You carefully carved me,
scraped my slimy core.

I smiled brightly for you,
a beacon by your door.
But Halloween has come and gone
and frankly I'm getting sore.

I sit here decomposing
each day a little more.
Soon all I will be
is a big moldy spore.

Today's poem was inspired by Liz Steinglass' poem, "A Pumpkin's Plea" written from the pumpkin's POV about wanting a face. I thought to myself, how would a Jack-O-Lantern feel (and look) a week after Halloween?

Visit Liz and all the other poets who gather for Poetry Friday. This week's hostess is Diane Mayr at Random Noodling.