Adoption Day Celebration

Tomorrow, November 22nd is National Adoption Day. To celebrate I am sharing a few poems, pictures, and a video about my own family - formed by adoption, expanded by birth, held together by love.

Our sweet Colleen - 36 hours old.

Adoption Love Limerick
Much to our delight
It all worked out just right
Our daughter's adoption
Was the perfect option
For all it was love at first sight

Sisters Through and Through                                     

Other sisters                                        
Look the same,
Carbon copies -
What a shame.

My sister looks
Nothing like me.

We are different
It's plain to see.

Different hair color,

Different eyes.

Different skin color,

Different size.

We look different,
It's plainly true.
But we are sisters
Through and through.

We keep secrets
From our mom.

When it storms,
Sis keeps me calm.

We share a room,
Our "Sister Suite".

Today we annoy,
Tomorrow we're sweet.

Through thick and thin,
We are stuck like glue.
We are sisters
Through and through. 

My family: Colleen, me, Joe and Maureen

Families Are Families                                       
Families are formed                                  
in different ways:
adoption or birth,
both are okay.

Adoptive families
get asked a question or two
"Is she your real daughter?"
"Why doesn't he look like you?"

Every adoptee
is a real child.
He or she isn't fake,
artificial or wild.

Families joined
by the power of love
belong together,
they fit like a glove.