Tooth Fairy Heavy Lifting

Under a fluffed pillow
and a sleeping girl's head,
I found a huge molar
nestled on the bed.

I'm just a wee fairy
with delicate wings,
when I tried to lift it
I felt a sharp zing.

So I dialed my dad,
to help with the tooth.
He is super strong,
ain't that the truth.

But he was sleeping
with it being midnight.
How will I lift that tooth
before the morning light?

I look for something,
become a super sleuth.
I find a piece of floss,
tie it around the tooth.

I pull and I pull
the tooth zooms off the bed.
It lands on the floor,
barely missing Pooch's head.

Pooch snuffles and sniffs,
then lets out a sneeze.
That giant molar
flies on the breeze.

I zip super quick,
catch the molar in midair.
With a glittery trail
I escape with flair.