Tick Tock

Tick Tock
A face with no eyes,

Tick Tock
a clock tells no lies.

Tick Tock
With numbers all around,

Tick Tock
hours lost cannot be found.

Tick Tock
Time is running out,

Tick Tock
of this there is no doubt.

Ode to Oatmeal

Bubbling in the pot,
in my bowl oh so hot.

All gray and gooey
with fruit so chewy.

The lumps and bumps
help me with my dumps.

Mosquito Bites Bite

A whiny thrum
near my ear
tells me
a mosquito is near.

A raised lump
on my knee
tell me
the mosquito found me.

Nightmare Prevention

My teddy bear
snug in bed
keeps bad dreams
out of my head.

Farm Tour

The sheep bleat,
and sparrows tweet.
I spy a cow,
and I want to eat.

Crisis of Conscience

light and shadow
marble the mountain
I wrestle with what to do

Bird Evacuation Expert

Puppy frolicks
on the grass
spies a bird -
flyaway fast!

Car Trip Caution

Stuck in the backseat
with my brother Pete
is anything but sweet
he has smelly feet.

Confused Weather

sunlight filters
through the cloud burst
rainbow shower

Suitcase Induced Anxiety

suitcase packed
dog stands guard
fear of abandonment

Scorpion Invader

I reach in the sink
a critter I dislike.

Slim spiked tail
ready to strike.

Spring Visit

Rose colored lip marks
on cigarette butts
in Aunt Lily's 
trash can.

Canine Recovery

Yesterday my dog
did creep
through bushes deep,
a blur of furry leaps.

Today my dog
is sound asleep,
does not make a peep,
a cute furry heap.

Sad Shark

Above the waves,
my dorsal fin.
Below I'm stealth -
it's not a sin!

I've got a bad rap,
I'm misunderstood.
I'm just a fish
who likes seafood!

A Whale of a Limerick

There once was a narwhal named Nelly
Who had a ginormous blue belly
She liked to leap
Instead of sleep
And preferred to eat only grape jelly.

Mind Wandering Mirage

Heat ripples
off the car hood.
My imagination

Beach Towel Tango

rainbow wiggles
terrycloth giggles

Emergency Warning System

Behind the bricks
a yippy dog yaps.
Ambulance arrives.

See Monkey Doo-Doo

Monkey tree,
Monkey loo.
Monkey flings
Monkey poo.

Road Rash

I trip
and crash.
My knee
I gash.

Mom's kiss,
a flash.
All better,
I dash.

Listen to Your Mother

Mom said it once,
she said it twice,
but of course
that didn't suffice.

She had to say it
ten more times
before I'd listen -
now that's a crime.

But finally
I listened clearly
and zipped my fly -
I love mom dearly.

Corny Poem

corn is yellow
corn is sweet
corn is all
I like to eat

Poetry Acrostic

Playing with words
Open to interpretation
Exercise for your brain
Tiny words packed with big meanings
Read for nourishment
Yearning for more

Bedtime Already?

parents snoring
on the couch
discretionary bedtime
for the kids

Bad Barista Joke

Q: What did the sick barista serve
with each cup of coffee?

A: A little cough-y!

Bus Field Trip

jam-packed school bus -
shrieking voices drown out
the squealing brakes

Cinco de Mayo Feast

Today I eat
a lot of guacamole,
which is better on chips
than cheese ravioli.

I also eat
tacos and tostadas,
but my favorite dish
is chicken enchiladas.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Sven the Shark Limerick

There once was a shark named Sven
Who ate a human named Ben
Ben tasted bad
Which made Sven sad
So he never ate a human again

Chilly Limerick

There was a girl from Philly
Who sang songs so silly
Her voice squawked
When she talked
Unless the weather was chilly

Dog Gone Trouble Limerick

There once was a dog named Mike
Who learned to ride a bike
He rode to school
Which broke a rule
The teacher said, "Take a hike!"

Dog's View of the World

Roses are gray.
Violets are gray.
Everything is gray.
I'm a dog.