Friday, April 4, 2014

Allergy Season

This time of year
I can't go near
the Palo Verde trees.

Bright yellow blossoms
don't attract possums,
instead swarms of bees.

Those blasted tree blooms
make my allergies boom -
all I can do is cough.

I try hard not to sneeze,
or drip when I wheeze.
I'm ready for the blooms to fall off.


  1. I think I might send this to my son & family, all three have terrible 'blooming' allergies, & you've hit it right. They have a hard time admiring the blooms like everyone else, because they're so miserable. So much for spring celebration! Thanks Bridget!

    1. Oh, I feel so bad for allergy sufferers! My daughter developed an allergy to Palo Verdes when we moved here. Things have gotten better for her, but spring blooms are a challenge. Hope your son's family finds relief, Linda. = )

  2. I've been sneezing up a storm today--but am happy to have the sun, warmth, and flowers. I can relate to your poem!

    1. Bless you, Buffy! It's a mixed bag with spring - finally warming up but having to deal with allergies.= )

  3. I love how specific your poem is. And I love your cough/fall off rhyme. It made me giggle.

    1. Thanks, Liz! When the Palo Verdes bloom the city is full of yellow flowering trees, but anyone with an allergy is complaining. I'm glad you got a giggle from my poem. That makes me happy. = )