A/C Breezy


Egg Eyes Open

bright yellow stare
in sockets of white
sunny side up
'egg'-cellent sight

Dance of the Hummingbird








X Parks the Spot

cars come
cars go
a steady stream
parking lot flow

Bye-Bye Lizard


Icebox Issues

the thunder of
the refrigerator
my sleep 
until I am 
a puddle 

Pocket Poem

A poem in my pocket
is trying to get out -
pushing against my seam,
it wants to shout:

"I'm here,
hear me rhyme,
free me from
this linty grime!"

I take out my poem
and share it with you.
Check your pocket,
maybe you have one too?

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!!!

This Time a Charm?

unexpected gust
yellow flecks dot her veil
third marriage

Dull Dwellers

wooden butcher block
only thing sharp
in the house

Caffeine Contrition

"Cup of coffee with dessert?"
He regrets his,"Yes,"

Chocolate Bunny Obsession

My bunny doesn't hop,
his ears don't flop.
My nibbling I can't stop
until my tummy pops.

'Hoppy' Easter!

Time Flies

So many dates,
weeks and days,
months go by
in a blurry haze.

Truth Written Across Her Face

In the mirror
a stranger.
Keeping track of
the lies.

Unwelcome Visitor

Spider creeps
up the wall
and over my bed -
please don't fall!

Taxing Tax Day

Taxes can be taxing
if funds are lacking.

The Hours Tick By

Quiet my thinking,
then I breathe in deep.
It's the only way
to get me some sleep.

Poetry Playground Haiku 3

The following poem was create by the Poetry Playground students at Sunrise Drive School:

Under the cactus
the lizard scurried through the sand
during the cool night.

Mom's a Mover and a Shaker

Mom's a grump
when her rump is plump.

Now Mom jumps,
her muscles pump.

Exercise has trumped
Mom's plump rump!

Worry Wart

Mom's a major worrier,
she's a little too afraid.
She's constantly ready
with a million Band-aids.

I don't take risks -
well, not too many.
I didn't gulp a quarter,
it was only a penny.

When I broke my ankle,
it wasn't my fault.
I just used a curtain rod
to practice pole vault.

Mom's over-protectiveness
is beyond reason.
She's making me contemplate
committing family treason.

Now when I leave home,
I look like a fruit!
Mom's making me wear
a bubble-wrap suit.

Poetry Playground Haiku 2

The following poem was created by the Poetry Playground students at Manzanita School:

Woodchips under the slide.
The ants scuttle through the sand
in afternoon heat.

Poetry Playground Haiku 1

The following poem was created by the Poetry Playground students at Ventana Vista School:

On the rock garden
red ants are carrying food.
Sunny afternoon.

In Opposition

I say up,
you say down.
You say smile,
I say frown.

You say big,
I say small.
I say short,
you say tall.

You and I 
don't always agree,
but best friends 
we will always be.

Happy Gotcha Day, Colleen

Today's the day
we got you.
Picked you up
on your day two.

Wailing, crying,
cute as a could be.
Overnight we became
a family of three.

Dog Vac

Poochy sniffs,
snuffles and snorts
as she finishes
the last of the tortes.

Happy Birthday to YOU

Cake baked,
candles lit.
Gifts given,
birthday kit.

Happy Birthday, Colleeny!

Allergy Season

This time of year
I can't go near
the Palo Verde trees.

Bright yellow blossoms
don't attract possums,
instead swarms of bees.

Those blasted tree blooms
make my allergies boom -
all I can do is cough.

I try hard not to sneeze,
or drip when I wheeze.
I'm ready for the blooms to fall off.

Trash Day

there goes our junk.
good bye trash.

Early Bird Gets Cold

Mourning dove
fluffed twice his size. 
 Not much 
of a morning dove.

April Fools!

Brother put a cockroach
On my dinner plate.
I got so scared
I couldn't see straight.

Then he gave me
An exploding pen.
With blue fingers
I practiced Zen.

Next I got soaked
From his squirting flower.
Instead of drying off,
I took a shower.

My brother makes me feel
Like such a fool -
*sniff* I cry.
*slurp* I drool.

Then I remember
Today's April 1st -
April Fool's Day,
For better or worse.