Contemplating the New Year

New Year = new fear

I resolve to kick
my confindence 
into high gear.

Winter Solstice

shortest day
longest to-do list

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  Ode to being
  Overwhelmed -

Dear Santa - Holiday Contest Entry

Happy Monday! I do not usually post on Mondays, but today is an exception because...
it is the Susanna Leonard Hill's 4th Annual Holiday Contest!

Here's the challenge: "Write a children's story (children here defined as approximately age 12 and under) in which wild weather impacts the holidays!  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words."

Here's my entry: 

Dear Santa,

I can explain about the glue, the scissors, and my sister's hair the incident.  It was an accident. It was my sister's fault. It was a mistake.  I was going to ask you for an iPad for Christmas, but since the incident, mom said, "it is out of the question, Buster" I don't want one anyway.  What I really want is for you to help a man I saw yesterday.  When we were coming home from the beauty parlor and my sister was having a spaz-attack upset about her hair, I saw a man standing on the curb.  He wasn't wearing a coat or a hat.  He was holding a dirty cardboard sign that said he didn't have a job or food.  It said he was a vet, but I didn't see any dogs or cats around him.  I'm worried about him.  The weather lady who looks like one of my sister's Barbie dolls very nice said that there was a blizzard coming with lots and lots and lots of snow.  I know I have a big mouthed tattletale sister made mistakes, but that man on the street maybe didn't.  I try to be good. Actually I've been good this year, this month, this week today. Instead of getting me an iPad, can you help that man? I think he needs lots of stuff for the cold.  I bet you stay warm because you are fat have a warm red suit.  That man needs a warm suit, but it doesn't have to be red.  I like blue, but don't bring him anything purple. Any color is fine.  And can you hurry? I know Christmas is still 16days, 13 hours, 43 minutes a little ways away, but the blizzard will be here tonight.

Love from,

P. S. Since I wrote a nice letter can I at least get an iPod you write me back? But only after you help that man I saw yesterday. 

©2014 Bridget Magee

Where Is The Aspirin?

steady cranium


man, dog, and me
slumber party
dog sleeps over

husband on my right
I'm squeezed in tight
all due to Rover

with dog's arrival
I question my survival
both are way too loud

this unpleasant scenerio
includes snoring in stereo
three's definitely a crowd

Watch Out for the Pot, Dot!

There once was a turkey named Dot
A peaceful refuge she sought
But with Thanksgiving Day
Only days away
She'll likely end up in a pot.

Adoption Day Celebration

Tomorrow, November 22nd is National Adoption Day. To celebrate I am sharing a few poems, pictures, and a video about my own family - formed by adoption, expanded by birth, held together by love.

Our sweet Colleen - 36 hours old.

Adoption Love Limerick
Much to our delight
It all worked out just right
Our daughter's adoption
Was the perfect option
For all it was love at first sight

Sisters Through and Through                                     

Other sisters                                        
Look the same,
Carbon copies -
What a shame.

My sister looks
Nothing like me.

We are different
It's plain to see.

Different hair color,

Different eyes.

Different skin color,

Different size.

We look different,
It's plainly true.
But we are sisters
Through and through.

We keep secrets
From our mom.

When it storms,
Sis keeps me calm.

We share a room,
Our "Sister Suite".

Today we annoy,
Tomorrow we're sweet.

Through thick and thin,
We are stuck like glue.
We are sisters
Through and through. 

My family: Colleen, me, Joe and Maureen

Families Are Families                                       
Families are formed                                  
in different ways:
adoption or birth,
both are okay.

Adoptive families
get asked a question or two
"Is she your real daughter?"
"Why doesn't he look like you?"

Every adoptee
is a real child.
He or she isn't fake,
artificial or wild.

Families joined
by the power of love
belong together,
they fit like a glove.

Fleeting Flight

flutters by
a flash of brilliance
in the sky

Winner? (zeno)

Hide and seek is not for the meek.                              
My daughter modeling hiding in the trunk.*

"Ready or not
here I
After midnight
Still hiding in
the trunk,

*Do NOT attempt at home.*

Many thanks to Michelle Heidenrich Barnes and J. Patrick Lewis for introducing me to the poetry form zeno. 

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Veterans Day

are the ones 
who put country first 
despite their fears, 
the danger, 
the odds.  
Honor our Veterans 

From Orange to Black, The Decomposition of Jack

I'm the Halloween pumpkin
you bought at the store.
You carefully carved me,
scraped my slimy core.

I smiled brightly for you,
a beacon by your door.
But Halloween has come and gone
and frankly I'm getting sore.

I sit here decomposing
each day a little more.
Soon all I will be
is a big moldy spore.

Today's poem was inspired by Liz Steinglass' poem, "A Pumpkin's Plea" written from the pumpkin's POV about wanting a face. I thought to myself, how would a Jack-O-Lantern feel (and look) a week after Halloween?

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Election Day

Go to the polls,
blacken the dots.
Democracy -
it is all we've got.

Halloween Scene

Don't be surprised
if you happen to see
a pirate, a ghoul,
a groovy hippie.

Tonight's the night
to see and be seen.
Have your treats ready,
it's Halloween!

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(and none will cause tooth decay!)

Tea Spree

A quick sip
of every brew
steeps my need
to visit the loo.

This is my contribution to David Harrison's WOM challenge to use the word: SPREE. Have you written your "spree" poem yet? Time is running out!

Yada Yada Yada

talk, talk, talk

squawk, squawk, squawk

jaw, jaw, jaw

blah, blah, blah

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Happy Count Your Buttons Day!

10 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Under a towering green needle pine
Leaving me with just 9

9 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Landing near the white garden gate
Leaving me with just 8

8 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Straight up to blue high heaven
Leaving me with just 7

7 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Bouncing off a stack of red bricks
Leaving me with just 6

6 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Skimming across a golden bee hive
Leaving me with just 5

5 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Skittering across the brown tile floor
Leaving me with just 4

4 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Plunking into my hot black tea
Leaving me with just 3

3 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Right into the ivory loo – ew!
Leaving me with just 2

2 buttons line my new coat
1 popped off *POP* and did float
Up toward the bright yellow sun
Leaving me with just 1

1 button left on my new coat
I button it tight at my throat
Now I’m a Super-hero guy
Time to watch ME fly!

Got Milk?

lactose intolerance
foul dairy-air

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Post Season Save

                              STRIKE ONE!
                              STRIKE TWO!
bat and ball
                              HOME RUN BLISS!

No Yolk

politics over breakfast
eggs sunnyside up
a jaundiced outlook

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Silent But Deadly

blowing kisses 
out of your bottom

Chill In the Air

Down my legs
and up my arms,
this sensation
truly disarms.

Little bumps
cover my flesh
from the air
dry, cool, and fresh.

Am I sick
or is it mumps?
Then I realize
it's just goosebumps!

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Worm's Sweet Sojourn

Wormy Apple Clipart Image: Clip Art Image Of A Red Apple With A Green Worm Coming Out

All I eat is dirt, dirt, dirt.
What I really want is a dessert.

I wiggle and crawl, crawl, crawl
over grass, flowers, and a wall.

To an orchard of apple trees, trees, trees.
Every crimson orb beckons me.

Climbing tree trunks is a chore, chore, chore
but not the tasty journey to each core.