Resolution Resolve

New year,
new fear.

to dissolve

Unseasonably Warm Winter Days

Warm weather,
no sweater.

Play in the sun,
perfect for a run.

Wrong season,
spring teasin'.

Will it be cold later?
Global warming hater.

Who Will Win?

Seagulls scuttle
in and out 
of the surf.

Never ending game
of chicken.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Fallen pines line
the street.
Puddles of needles
pool under the
skeletal remains.
Casualties of the season.

Canine Welcoming Committee

Wiggley bottoms,
waggy tails.
Warm welcome
never fails.

Wrap Aftermath

Gift wrap strewn,
"Just what I wanted!"
Contents revealed
from gifts that taunted.

Best Gift Ever

The best
Christmas gift
is the present.

Merry Christmas!

Seasonal Hazard

Up on the rooftop
Clop, clop, clop
Those darn reindeer
Plop, plop, plop

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season
To eat badly,
Fa-la-la-la, la-la-la, BLAH!

New Dog, Old Trick

I am hungry,
but have to wait.
Feels like forever
since I ate.

How long you ask?
About an hour!
Need more than kibble -
got no willpower.

I nibble the couch,
the people yell.
Then suddenly
I smell THE smell.

A fresh rawhide!
They fell for my trick.
I eat furniture
and get a treat quick.


The constant
of mental energy
that yields 
no results.

Commercial Overload

That minty fresh
can't mask 
my distaste for

Hide and Seek

Waiting to be found.
or forgotten?

Last Minute Shopping

I rush,
I scurry.
I shop,
I worry.

A want?
A need?
Something to wear,
something to read?

Pressure's on,
money's tight.
Over socks,
I saw a fight!

Seven days
until the Eve,
this store
I wanna leave.

Bad Poetry

I think, I thought
all for naught.

No rhyme or verse,
so I curse.

Afternoon Movie Marathon

Fading light
movie's bright.
Dinner will be
late tonight.

Who Am I?

I have eight legs,
all of them hairy.
Harmless to people,
but some think me scary.

I creep out at night,
crawling from my burrow.
I eat insects,
I'm very thorough.

My skeleton is
on the outside.
I molt when I grow,
folks think I've died.

Who am I?

Counting Sheep

I'm so tired,
I can not sleep.
Wide awake,
I count sheep.

One bah,
two baahhs,
three baaahhhs,
Counting sheep
can be a bore.

I'm still tired,
I count once more,
until the sheep
are at the door.

One bah,
two baahhs,
three baaahhhs,
Counting sheep
is such a chore.

My eyes droop,
my ears thrum.
Counting sheep
is getting dumb.

I want sleep,
I close my eyes.
I start to snooze

One bah,
two baahhs,
three baaahhhs,
I fall asleep
upon the floor.

Rain in the Woods

Drops plop,
puddles fill.
Frogs hop,
peepers trill.

Newts scoot
across the trail.
On leafy boats
fire ants sail.

Air Head

Sudden gusts
leave my head
floating on
hair currents.

Seasonal Closet Changes

tank tops
sleeveless shirts
sun dresses
flowered skirts

put up
put away
winter clothes
out today

wool skirts

Alarming Alarm

A jet engine
the sun
with a rumble.

Into my pillow
I grumble.

Deep Thoughts Defrost

Windshield is fitted
with a crusty
layer of ice.

We sit
in a bubble
for clarity.

Alternate Transportation

Driving when it's wet
makes me sweat.

Cars still jet,
but I won't fret.

I'll avoid the threat
by walking my pet.

Rain coat on, I'm set.
Exercise I get.

I'll even bet
this is the best day yet.

Miss Communication

She texts
from across the table.

Her meaning
is lost
as soon as she hits

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Whistles blow,
off sides.
Grunts and groans,
helmets collide.

Line of scrimmage,
running game.
Our team lost,
refs to blame.

Self Talk

The glowing green light
of the smoke alarm
is here to protect me
not to do me harm.

I tell myself this
every single night
to keep myself
from nightly fright.

Dog's Dessert

Her furry nose traces
the patterned rug map.
Our pup navigates
after dinner scraps.