Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RIP Jack O'Lantern

I have dark spots,
my mouth now droops.
My flesh and skin
has turned to goop.

I'm not a zombie,
my name is Jack.
I used to shine bright,
now my guts are black.

In the compost heap
I currently sit.
I'm decomposing

Soon I will be
mixed into the ground
helping next year's crop
become plump and round.


  1. Like that ending, especially! My pumpkin (no jack o'lantern) has been nearly eaten by the squirrels. I guess there are worse ends!

    1. Thanks, Linda! We can't put pumpkins out on our porch here in Tucson because javelina come along and eat them - in marauding packs. Squirrels are much cuter. =)