Mortimer Minute for Poetry Friday

Huge thank you to Linda Baie at Teacher Dance for tagging me in The Mortimer Minute Children's Poetry Blog Hop!  She also happens to be the host of this week's Poetry Friday Roundup! Hop on over and nibble on some amazing poetry!

Started by children's poet and author Janet Wong several week's ago, I get to enjoy Mortimer's company this week, soothing his sore belly after a night of Trick-or-Treating.  Here's another carrot, Dear Mortimer...

I'm supposed to answer one question from the person who tagged me (Linda) then add two of my own.  Finally, I will tag another blogger and Mortimer will be on his way..

The question I chose to answer from Linda's Hop is: "What is one funny poem you can recite that you use for children?"

I love the following poem both for it's lay out on the page (screen) and its repeated use of "bit". Mortimer approved of my choice...

by  Mary Ann Hoberman

   A rabbit
A little bit
An itty-bitty
   Little bit of beet
    Then bit
        By bit
        He bit
Because he liked the taste of it

My questions:
Why do you post a poem EVERYday?

In a word: practice.  I am trying to improve my skills and the best way to do this is by practicing my skills.  I am not always successful with my poetry, but once in a while I create a gem. By posting my poetry daily on a blog I am held accountable to my small, but loyal, group of readers. *waves and mouths thank you to each and everyone of you*

Are your poems autobiographical and/or about your family?

I am actually asked this question a lot. Sometimes they are about me and/or my family (though the names have been changed) and sometimes they are just random streams of my consciousness. Once I wrote a poem about a child getting a huge snarl in her hair and she has to get a haircut. After I posted that poem I had several family members asking if it was about one of my girls who have VERY long hair (down to their waist). It wasn't, it was just a funny thought I had one day.

That's it for my part of the HOP, now I pass Mortimer and his stash of carrots to...   
Little Willow!
Little Willow is a bookseller, writer, actress, and webdesigner, among other things.  At her blog, Bildungsroman, you'll find her book review, exclusive interviews with authors, and booklists galore.  Wondering where does her blog get its name? defines a bildungsroman as "a novel whose principal subject is the moral, psychological, and intellectual development of a usually youthful main character." And though her blog has an emphasis on YA fiction, LW also reads and reviews books for younger audiences as well as adults.  Drop by sometime!

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