Wee Wednesday "Weader": An Interview With Ms. Bamboo

Q: How do you do, Ms. Bamboo?
A: Very well, thank you!

Q: What's new with you?
A: Well, I grew...and grew...and grew.

Q: So, all day, what do you do, Ms. Bamboo?
A: I do enjoy this view.

Q: Tell me, Ms. Bamboo, have you ever been blue?
A: No, actually, I've always been a green hue.

Q: Thank you, Ms. Bamboo, for helping me with this interview.
A: You are welcome! Toodle-ooo!

BIG thank you to this week's "Weader", Ms. Bamboo, voiced by the mastermind behind the concept of interviewing a plant, Maureen! And huge thanks to Joe, for asking Ms. Bamboo the thought provoking interview questions. Who would have thought a plant would have so much to say...and in rhyme?