Wee Wednesday "Weader": My Ukelele

My ukulele
Has a lovely sound.

Want to hear me play?
Please stick around.

I finger the chords,
Many songs I strum.

When I feel like it
I sometimes hum.

I like to play softly
Or extremely loud.

Today I play for you,
My adoring crowd.

Massive thank you to this week's Wee Wednesday "Weader" Lena for sharing her mad ukelele skills!


  1. Bridget,
    Lena is a star. What an excellent reading of your poem and her ukelele skills are killer. What big eyes she has. Fantastic, wonderful post. PLEASE tell Lena thank you for me.

  2. Thanks, Joy! Lena did a fantastic job on this video - I am lucky she helped me out. =)


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