Loving the Links

When life stinks,
I hit the links.

Slice and drive,
I feel alive.

Ball on tee -
Look at me.

Swing, pivot -
Ugh, divot!

Swing again
On hole ten.

Down fairway,
All the way.

On the green,
No windscreen.

Roll in cup...
Hurry up.

Hole in one?
This is fun!

When life stinks,
I hit the links.

Shopping Day

Cupboard is bare,
Fridge is empty.
Mom goes shopping,
We have plenty!

Day at the Fair

Prizewinning pigs,
Hand-groomed hens.
Cud chewing cows,
Decorated pens.

Future farmers,
Unseasonable heat.
Day-long diversion,
Deep fried treat.

No Use Crying

Gallon milk jug,
Hard to pour.
Oops, I spilled
On the floor.

Sleepless Night

the full moon
the space between
my dreams

Proud Hawk

A mottled
brown and white hawk
swoops low
in front of me
a prone prairie dog.

The lifeless body
of the rodent
dangles from 
the hawk's talon
as it alights
 - one taloned -
on the chain link fence
beside the path,
beside me.

"Hey, look at me!"
His beady-eyed stare shouts.
"I'm a mighty raptor,
see my prey!"

The hawk
the limp vermin
once more
then takes flight.

Its mottled 
brown and white form 
over the desert.

Wee Wednesday "Weader": For the Love of Baseball

1st base,
2nd base,
3rd base,



To a
I want
To go!

Enormous thank you to this week's "Weader", Nathan, for sharing his love for baseball!
Home Run, Nathan!

Spring In Full Swing

Flitting bee
Buzzes loudly.
Pink tulip
Puckers proudly.

Plump worm
Wiggles deeper.
Noisy frog -
Spring peeper.

Help Our Earth

Help our Earth
Heal and thrive,
Walk or bike
Instead of drive.

Help our Earth
Thrive and heal,
Recycle with
Pep and zeal.

Happy Earth Day!

Sweetheart Stroll

Evening walk,
Quiet talk.
Stars above
With my love.

Laundry Day

Sort, load, wash -
Heaping piles.
Darks, colors, whites -
Clean clothes smiles.

They Exist

Because I sat still
For my haircut,
Dad said, "You deserve
A fresh doughnut."

Against the cold glass
I press my nose.
Frosted to perfection,
A line of O's.

Which to choose?
I can not decide.
Dad asks, "Which one?"
I'm suddenly tongue-tied.

Chocolate sprinkles
Or plain glaze?
"The one with the red."
I point in a daze.

I take a bite -
Frosting with bacon!
My taste buds seize -
I'm deeply shaken.

A Poem In My Pocket

A poem to share,
Folded up square.

It's tucked inside,
Next to my backside.

My pocket has a poem,
My words can now roam.

Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Wee Wednesday "Weader": Perdu

My dog’s
name is Perdu.

In French,
Perdu, means

My Perdu
was all that
and more
as he
and meandered
through the streets
of New Orleans
in the wake
of Hurricane Katrina.

through a series of
serendipitous events,
Perdue traveled
across many miles
with the help
of many angels
to end up
in MY home,
in MY arms,
in MY heart.

Perdu is perdu no longer. 

Gigantic thank you to today's "Weader" Donny and to the amazing Perdu! Fabulous duo!


Passage of time -
Absent from our lives.
Utter our prayers...
Loved you then, love you now.

Tearful Tax Day

Mom and Dad
Grin and bear
Writing a check - 
The government's share.
Tax Day comes 
Every year -
Mailing the check, Dad sheds a tear.

Morning Movie

movie in morning
decadence of a Sunday -
Monday dread at bay

At the Playground

Friend met,
Swing set...
At the playground.

We slide,
Then hide...
At the playground.

No socks,
At the playground.

Time flies,
At the playground.

Unexpected Visitor

I look in the sink,
Notice a stick.
I reach in slowly
Then see a flick.

I get my glasses
And clearly see
A Bark Scorpion
Staring up at me.

I wash him down
As I rinse my plate.
The garbage disposal
Is his fate.

Rear View Mirror

In the rear view mirror
I reflect 
on all that has been -
the person I was,
the choices I made,
the roads I took.


I can't change
the past,
but I can learn
from it.

At least I hope
I can.

Wee Wednesday "Weader": In My Gi

In my gi,
I do Karate.

In my gi,
I'm fast and free.

In my gi,
I kick up high.

In my gi,
My hands fly.

In my gi,
I am proud.

In my gi,
I am loud!

In my gi,
I thank you.

In my gi,
With a bow or two.

Gigantic thank you to today's "Weader", Joceline, who shares her amazing Karate skills in her gi!

Pedicure Pro

Take off polish,
Cut every nail.
Rub, file and buff -
My toes look pale.

Pretty color
I brush on each toe.
Home pedicure -
Just like a pro.

Comatose by Cake

First piece of cake
Dad had for dessert,
He felt so great -
Nice and alert.

He had another,
Said he felt gross.
By the third piece,
He was comatose.

Note to Dad:
Stop at one piece.
Avoid the cake coma,
Don't grow obese.

Trapeze Artist

upside down
the woodpecker
his body
                                              this way 
 to sip 
from the
hummingbird feeder.

Race Day

On my mark,
I am set.
Whistle blows
Off like a jet.

Sprinting fast,
Down the track.
Other runners
Watch my back.

Cross the line,
I am first!
Full of pride,
I could burst.

Sweet 16 by the Numbers

1 tiny baby girl and
2 dazed parents
became a family of 3 -
with 4 hours notice.
Our Colleen was born on April 5th, 1997.
In our arms at 36 hours old,
on her Gotcha Day, April 7th, 1997.
8 million times a day we feel blessed she is our child.
Then 9 years ago, Colleen became a big sister to Maureen.
Now a 10th grader, she is a super student.
11 hours a week or more, she volunteers at a ranch for animals.
12 times a day or more she shares her love of LOTR, the Hobbit, and Benedict Cumberbatch.
When she was 13 we were lucky enough to move to Arizona.
And when her schedule allows, Colleen likes to spend 14 hours a day reading in her bed.
She reads at least 15 books a week.
Today is my sweet Colleen's Sweet 16.
She could not be more loved.

Happy Birthday, Colleeny!

A Blob of Slime, Hold the Shell

On the sidewalk,
A slimy trail.
A blobby form,
But not a snail.

Inching along,
No shell to lug.
A homeless snail
Known as a slug.

Wee Wednesday "Weader": Minecraft Madness

I play Minecraft -
Hours are blown.
In the Nether
My skills I hone.

In diamond armor
Fighting creepers,
I try to avoid
The Grim Reaper.

Pigfaced zombies
Try to attack -
Aw shucks, Dad needs
His iPhone back!

Massive thank you to this week's "Weader", Benjamin, a true Minecraft Master! (and grape juice aficionado as well :-)

Grey Kitty, Mighty Hunter

Grey Kitty
Silent and sleek,
Delivers us
Feathers and beak.

Grey Kitty
Proud and purring,
Birds vanish -
Wings blurring.

Who's the Fool?

Who's the fool?

The person 
who is 
all wet 
the person 
who squirts 
the water?

Who's the fool?

The person 
who discovered 
the rubber cockroach 
in her cereal 
the person 
who put it there?

Who's the fool?

The person 
who is 
and tortured 
in the name 
of "fun" 
the person 
who finds humor 
in another person's 
and pain.

Who's the fool?

Happy April Fool's Day?