Chocolate Bunny

I nibble its ears,
I savor each bite.
And soon its tail
Is out of sight.

Chocolate bunny
Eaten toes to nose,
On Easter morning
In fancy clothes.

Hoppy Easter!

Ice Cream Truck

I hear the music,
But did mom?
That tinny tune -
I try to keep calm.

My mouth waters,
I'm ready to sprint.
I check my pockets
And find only lint.

I look for mom,
But have no luck.
Then I see her
By the truck.

Mom hands me my
Favorite ice cream.
When it comes to treats
We're a team.

Spring Break - Day by Day

Day 1 -
sleep late
Day 2 -
Day 3 -
watch TV
Day 4 -
stay low key
Day 5 -
sort of bored
Day 6 -
Mom is floored
Day 7 -
I feel a fool
Day 8 -
ready for school


peanut butter
on bread



Wee Wednesday "Weaders": Sisters Through and Through (Poem in Two Voices)

Other sisters
Look the same,
Carbon copies -
What a shame.
My sister looks
Nothing like me.
We are different
It's plain to see.
Different hair color,
Different eyes.
Different skin color,
Different size.
We look different,
It's plainly true.
But we are sisters
Through and through.
We keep secrets
From our mom.
When it storms,
Sis keeps me calm.
We share a room,
Our "Sister Suite".
Today we annoy,
Tomorrow we're sweet.
Through thick and thin,
We are stuck like glue.
We are sisters
Through and through.

Humungous thank you to my smart, funny, gorgeous daughters, Colleen and Maureen, for being this week's "Weaders". (Totally unbiased assessment ;-)

Rug Dog

Puppy scurries
Around my feet.
Darts in the door -
Ready to eat.

She spent some time
In the backyard.
Too long for her -
A dog's life is hard.

A bowl of kibble,
Cuddles and a hug.
The rest of the day
Puppy's a rug.


I bite,
I chew
A cookie
or two.

I savor
each bite.


my soul -
makes me doubt
who I am,
my worth,
my value.

What am I
to do?

Who am I
to be?

Excuse Me

I ate too fast,
Now I have gas.

Excuse me...

Game On

On the couch,
We all sprawl.
We watch college

Players shoot,
Dribble and pass.
*Swoosh* slam-dunk -
No Plexiglass!

Players push,
There's a foul.
Dad protests -
Starts to howl.

Dad yells at
The TV.
Extreme fan -
Wild banshee.

We leave Dad
To his hoops,
Or we'll go deaf
From his whoops.

Springtime in the Desert

All around
the desert
diverse dwellers are

Palo Verde bejeweled
in yellow buds.
Spring sunshine warms
Lizards' blood.

Pudgy Quail are
rounder than normal.
Mourning Doves build
their nests formal.

Barrel Cactus blossoms
bud and bloom.
People spring clean -
soap, mop, and broom.

All around
the desert
diverse dwellers are

Wee Wednesday "Weader": Dress Rehearsal

Spring is a time
Of zeal and pep.
A dress rehearsal -
Summertime prep.

Tulips arrive
In pastel skirts.
Queen Anne's Lace,
The frilliest shirts.

Black-eyed Susans
Bat their eyes.
Snapdragon lips
Tell no lies.

Spring is a time
Of zeal and pep.
A dress rehearsal -
Summertime prep.

Huge THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this week's "Weader", my Mom, (a.k.a. Grandma, Patzy)! And Happy First Day of Spring to All!

Bedtime Ritual

Snuggling with Dad
Before bed,
My favorite story
Being read.

Nothing better
Than Dad's voice,
Reading my
Book of choice.

Late Winter Lake

Dark solidified waters,
What do you hide?
Is your ice as deep
As it is wide?

Who is lurking
In your murky depth?
I crunch along your shore
Through my misty breath.

At what temperature
Will you finally thaw?
When can I enjoy you
Without a chattering jaw?

St. Patrick's Day Advice

Irish or not,
Please wear green.
Avoid a pinch -
Leprechauns can be mean.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Rainy Morning

under layers of
cotton and fluff,
cocooned in my
fuzzy pajamas,
I tune into 
the steady cadence
of rain on the roof.
Each drop

A Different Breed of Bunny Riddle

We are bunnies,
but we haven't long ears,
or wiggly noses,
though we've been known to
twitch your nose.

Our fluff is not restricted
to our tail,
we wear it head to toe.

We're shy and quiet,
hiding under beds,
behind dressers,
in corners.

Hopping about on the
wake of your
broom's swoosh
is our favorite sport -
unless you pull out
the vacuum
and we get

Who are we?

Pie for Pi Day

Plenty of pie
On Pi Day.
Let's celebrate -
No better way.

Pieces, please.
What I can't eat,
I will freeze.

Happy Pi Day!

Wee Wednesday "Weaders": We Are Sisters (Poem in Two Voices)

                                            We are sisters,
1, 2, 3.
                                                                                        I'm the oldest,
                                            She's the baby.
I'm in the middle,
                                                                                        And we have one more.
                                            She's our dog,
                                            Sister number 4!

Thank you, 1, 2, 3, 4 to Isabella, Katarina, Aubrielle, and Dotsy for being my Wee Words Wednesday "Weaders" today! Beautiful family!

Sore Feet

I wore hole-y socks,
As I walked along the street
And got humongous blisters
On the bottom of my feet.

With each and every step,
I cringe in total pain.
I'm thinking that I need
To use a sturdy cane.

It's hard to get around
On blisters everyday.
How long does it take
For blisters to go away?


Sduffy nose,
Waddery eyes,

I'b godda cold,
I dodn't feel good,
Godda tissue?

Lost and Found

Dad looks around,
But can not find
His set of keys -
He's in a bind.

Under the table?
Inside his coat?
Mom's reaction
I can not quote.

We hear a thunk
In the laundry room.
The dryer's clanking -
Thunk, clank, boom.

Dad finds his keys
Squeaky clean.
Washed and dried,
In his jeans.

Early Morning Kitten

Kitten creeps,
his tail sweeps.
Kitten leaps
while Mama sleeps.

Doll Making (triolet)

A piece of cloth, needle and thread,
I sew and stuff, I make a doll.
Two arms, two legs, and a head.
A piece of cloth, needle and thread,
A doll who lounges on my bed.
By myself I made it all -
A piece of cloth, needle and thread,
I sew and stuff, I make a doll.

Desert Haiku

after sunset
desert predators prowl
pray prey

Wee Wednesday "Weader": Cereal Killer

Sleek in her
ebony suit
and white tufted blouse,
the full figured feline
stalks her prey -
tan circles that
roll and crunch. 

Super-duper big thank you to this week's Wee Wednesday "Weader", Jessica, and her Cereal Killer cat, Zoe! Look out Cheerios!


All stories.

On the rug,
We all sit.
One more book,
Please don't quit.

We sit still,
We don't fuss.
Or she won't
Read to us.

Yay, one more -
Best book yet.
Words and pictures,
We're all set.

Closed Captioned

Words flash on
The TV screen,
Actors speak
In each scene.

Subtitles are
Hard to follow.
Words fly past,
I can't swallow.

I read quickly
To catch each word,
But I miss
Every third.

I turn it off.
At foreign films
I now scoff.

First Kiss

Arm in arm,
Cheek to cheek.
We're dancing,
Looking chic.

My long dress,
Your new suit.
We look cute.

Music stops,
We embrace.
You kiss me
On my face.

I like you,
You like me.
At this dance,
We're happy.

Yoga Gone Awry

I stretch deeply,
I bend and twist.
My rear and ear
Suddenly kiss!

Human pretzel,
Body and mind.
I do not find.