Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wee Wednesday "Weader": Mom Always Knows

I ask for a cupcake,
Mom says no.
I take one anyway -
She'll never know.

Under my shirt
The cupcake is hidden.
To my room I sneak
Where food is forbidden.

I crouch in my closet,
Frilly dresses above.
I quietly indulge -
Cupcake love.

Mom's feet appear
Before me as I chew.
I pull a dress over me
To block Mom's view.

Mom says, "I wonder
Where my daughter can be
And the last cupcake
I was saving for me?"

Huge thanks to this week's Wee Words "Weader", Katie Rose - delicious!


  1. Awesome job Bridget!

    You too Katie!

    1. Thanks, Joe! A cupcake sounds good about now...=)

  2. Fun, fun! Love the words either way. I thought she might be going to smash the cupcake under the shirt so glad she got a bite at least!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Katie is my sweet niece who has an affinity for cupcakes - her childhood nickname was "cuppy". (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing that) =)