Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overpriced Shoes

My mom bought
A pair of shoes,
They cost a lot -
As much as a cruise!

They are fancy,
Like her best blouse,
But Mom only wears 'em
Around the house.

In a hushed whisper
Mom did confide,
"They cost too much
To wear outside."


  1. Replies
    1. This poem was actually inspired by the BIG BANG episode when Penny bought a pair of shoes that were so expensive she couldn't wear them outside - that struck me so funny. I can't really relate to the shoe obsession aspect of being a woman - which is good for our limited budget. =)

    2. I mostly buy only practical, comfortable shoes that I can wear in or out without falling/tripping; BUT I do lust after colourful expensive unwearable shoes. and I did buy a new pair of grey suede heels a few months ago, which I've been too cautious to wear yet...

    3. Grey suede heels sound fabulous! Given your track record with injuries I would practice around the house just to be safe. =)