Before and After Baby

Life was better,
Before Little Sis.
I was Mom's only -
My life was bliss.

Now I have to walk
While Baby gets carried.
Since Sis was born,
Mom's tired and harried.

Having a baby sis
Hasn't been much fun.
Why did my parents
Want more than one?

When Sis cries,
I run and hide.
I don't like babies,
I must confide.

But before too long,
Baby is crawling.
She smiles and claps
With much less bawling.

Then she toddles
And follows me around.
It's like having
My own personal hound.

When I sit and read
Baby comes to bug.
When I start to yell
Baby gives me a hug.

This squishy surprise
Makes my heart warm.
Maybe I am glad
My sister was born.

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