Puppy Welcome

Puppy jumps up
As I come in.
So excited -
Full body spin.

I have been gone
For oh so long.
Five whole minutes -
Her love is strong.

Bean Day

Baked beans for breakfast.
Baked beans for lunch.
Baked beans are delicious -
All day I munch.

But come supper,
No beans for me.
I'd much rather
Toast and tea.

Lizard Hunt

Around the yard
Puppy runs.
Lizard hunt
In the sun.

Then she rests
Tired paws.
On a lizard
Puppy gnaws.

Poor Sleep

I am tired.
I am sore.
My sleep last night
Was oh so poor.

Feel the Beat

I hear the beat,
I move my feet.

I shake my hips
with puckered lips.

Elbows swinging,
high pitched singing.

Music's in me -
wild and free.

Living In A Postcard

Looming mountains scrape
The periwinkle sky.
Puffy white clouds
Saunter on by.

We live in a postcard
Each and every day.
From the sun's arrival
To its setting ray.

Movie Regret

In the movie
the monster was hairy.
I can't sleep,
it was scary.

I try to think
of something funny.
"Why are you laughing
in bed, honey?"

"Sorry, Mom, I'm
trying to forget.
Watching that movie
I now regret."

Catalog Shopper

Catalog obsessed
Little girl.
Dolls, clothes, toys -
Her mind swirls.

She wants it all,
But has no money.
"You must save
For yourself, honey."

Turn of Events for Turkey

Turkey gobbles,
Turkey's loud.
Turkey struts,
Turkey's proud.

Beak held high,
Feathers fluffed.
Turkey's bold,
Until he's stuffed.

Airplane Trip

On a plane,
In the sky.

My ears pop,
When I cry.

I am stuck
In my seat.

Listening to
The engine's beat.

Can not wait
Until we land.

Seeing family
Is so grand.


I stare
at the endless
of desert
with scrub
and saguaros.

I am

Missing Our Fish

Our tank is empty -
No ripple or swish.
We miss the bubbles.
We miss our fish.

Stomach Flu

My head aches,
my tummy twirls.
Stomach flu
makes me hurl.

Double Dutch

Class bell rings,
My heart sings.

Recess time
Jump-rope line.

My turn next,
Muscles flexed.

Two ropes spin,
I jump in.





Oops, I fell,
At the bell.

Recess passed
Way too fast.

Wet Pet

Puppy dog
Licks my toes.
Rubs my arm
With her nose.

She is sweet,
But too wet.
Maybe I need
A drier pet.

Car Humiliation

Mom be-bops
When we stop

Near or far
In our car

Music's loud
For a crowd

Car behind
Wish were blind

I sit low
Home too slow

Must survive
'Til I drive

Dog's Nature Channel

Through the window
Doggy stares
Despite the sun's
Blinding glare.

Her eyes don't move,
What does she see?
A scared rabbit
Under a tree.

She watches the world
Right next to me.
Our front window
Is her TV.

Swinging Good Time

To, fro
Forward, back
I swing all day
Until it's black.

Hummingbird War

Two birds
Fly fast
One feeder
Zip past.

Thrum, thrum.
Tweet, tweet.
Two beaks

Thank You Veterans!

On Veteran's Day
We say thank you
For serving us -
The red, white and blue!

Dad's In Charge

When Mom's away,
Dad let's us play.
Pizza, movies,
cupcakes, smoothies.

We like it when
Dad's in charge.
Fun abounds -
Livin' large.

We miss Mom
and her loving ways.
But Dad is fun
for a few days.

Baby Yells

Baby yells
In the hall.
Mom shushes
Baby's call.

Slight echo
just enough
for others
to rebuff.

Baby doesn't
care one bit.
She keeps yelling -
Mom has a fit.

Dog Tired

Doggy's tired,
Doggy's beat.
Doggy won't get
on her feet.

She ran too much
around the yard.
Exercised off
her doggy lard.

Bean Redux

Baked beans pop
In my mouth.
Later I have
Gas down south.

Election Day

Election day,
Your vote counts.
Exit pollsters
Like to pounce.

Cast your vote,
See who's elected.
Exercise your right,
Stay connected.

Mare in the Meadow

Mare in the meadow,
Dappled gray.

Munching on lunch,
Golden hay.

Horseflies buzz,
Silk tail sways.

Sees her rider,
Whinnies and neighs.

Cloud Clumps




Change Is In the Air

A cool breeze
whispers the promise
of change.

Flu Shot

At the doctors
I got my shot.
A blue bandaid
Marks the spot.


Halloween Hangover

Today I feel
Rather sick.
My belly aches
Ick, ick, ick!

Not sure why,
Could it be,
My late-night binge
On candy?