AC Relief

It's a blazing hot day,
but I stay cool.
The AC's on high
at my school.

I need a sweater
in my classroom.
It's even colder
in the bathroom.

When the final bell rings,
I'm back in the heat.
So I rush to the bus -
another air conditioned seat.

Slumber Party

torment Rover
movie night
popcorn fight
up late
so great
next morn
Mom's horn
too early
so surly
bleary eyed
brain fried

Mom. Shouldn't. Text.

I text Mom
And I know
Her response
Will be slow.

She hunts,
She pecks.
Her spelling
She must check.

Mom won't LOL
When she laughs out loud -
Reducing words
Is not allowed.

Text messaging -
Mom hasn't the knack.
It's always easier
To call her and yak.

Hey, Batter-Batter...Swing!

The first pitch
I swing and miss.
But the next,
bat and ball kiss.

I run to first base
Along the chalk line.
I keep going -
Coach makes the sign.

I pass second,
Sprint toward third.
My teammates are waving -
They look absurd.

As I round third,
I hear the crowd howl.
I finally realize
My hit was foul!

Pocket Poem

A poem in my pocket
Is trying to get out -
Pushing against my seam,
It wants to shout.

"I'm here!
Hear me rhyme!
Free me from
This linty grime!"

I take out my poem
And share it with you.
Check your pocket,
Maybe you have one too?

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

The Swagger of Spring

firmly in April,
with a cacophony
of color
the green canvas
of nature
with vibrancy and vitality.

Slide Ride

I clambered up the ladder,
Rung over rung.
At the tip top
The hot metal stung.

I pushed my body forward,
Feet first - zoom!
Off the end I flew
Onto my bottom - boom!

Sleepy Head

I can't fall asleep,
So out of bed I creep.

I'm not usually a sneak,
But I just have to peek.

At Mom and Dad's TV show -
They'll never know.

I laugh and I cry,
In the dark hallway I lie.

Now I'm in a drowsy state
Because I've stayed up so late.

I creep back to my bed -
An absolute sleepy head.

Earth Day Advice


drive less
walk more

Nose Whistle

I hear a whistle
When I breath.
I wipe my nose
On my sleeve.

It doesn't help -
The whistle's louder.
I try to sneeze
With pepper powder.

Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!
Now I'm wheezing.
My whistle's gone,
But I can't stop sneezing.

Almost Summer

Spring's heating up
Time's speeding up
It's almost summer

The weather's warm
Shorts are the norm
Still in school - bummer

Quail Nesting

A quail nests
In our planter block.
I try to be quiet
But I give it a shock.

It squawked, flapped,
Jumped and flew.
And landed on
You know who.

I squawked, flapped,
Jumped and said,
"That quail landed
On my head!"

I ended up getting
The biggest shock.
From a quail nesting
In our planter block.

Remote Envy

Brother flips the channels
Flip, flip, flip.
All the shows I want
Skip, skip, skip.

I ask for the remote
Please, please, please?
Brother says, "Later..."
Tease, tease, tease.

I ask him, "Later?
How, how, how?
It's our bedtime...
Now, now, now!"

D.I.Y. Dad

Under the hood,
Dad likes to tinker.
He fixes the car
And becomes a stinker.

Oil and gas and
Cleaning stuff
Make him smelly
And his hands rough.

But when Dad stinks,
I don't care -
Cause he saves money
With his auto repair.

Egg Evidence

White shards
add to the
of our gravel

of an
plain sight.

Daily Creation

I lie in bed
And think up
A poem for today
Then get up.

Wet Jog

I slip and slog
Through my jog
In the cold,
Miserable rain.

Mixed with 
Perspiration is
A total pain.

Weird Dream

I clucked like a duck,
I honked like a cow.
I'm not sure why,
I don't know how.

Maybe the moon
Or something I ate?
My unconscious  went wild
During my dream state.

Coyote Hunts

Cunning hunter
On the rocky canyon floor
Yips and yowls to the
Others in his pack
Tracking their prey in the
Early morning hours

Ambiguous Answer

I ask Mom,
"Can I go?"

A simple yes
or a simple no.

But Mom can't
answer that way.

She hems and haws
and has this to say,

...I don't know...
...maybe yes...
...maybe no..."


Date Night

Cuff links,
Fresh bloom.

Nice dress,
Clean suit.
High heels,
Mom's cute?

Parents out,
Date night.
Bedtime fight.

Last Day of Spring Break

Today's the last day
Of Spring Break.
Is there an illness
I can fake?

I want to miss
School tomorrow.
Have a cough
I can borrow?

Egg Hunt

I search high,
I search low.
I look fast,
You look slow.

One egg, two eggs,
Three eggs, four...
In the lamp?
On the floor?

Where are the eggs?
In the living room?
Ten more to find -
Don't vacuum!

Finally we find
Every egg but one.
I can hardly wait
For the stink to come.

Dyeing Eggs

boil 'em
toil 'em
don't let 'em crack

dye 'em blue,
dye 'em pink,
red, green or black

Woodpecker Pecks

Woodpecker pecks
For bugs to eat
On the bark
Of the Mesquite.

Teen Birthday Haiku

Birthday teenager
Celebrates by sleeping in -
A slumber party.

(Luckily it's Spring Break...)

Poetry Headache

as I
word choice


I Swear!

My sister acts lame,
I get the blame -
Oh, I want to swear!

I stub my toe,
My brother says, "So?"
Oh, I want to swear!

My tongue is itchy
And kind of twitchy -
Oh, I want to swear!

Now that I am alone,
I risk fire and brimstone
And I swear,

Oh, I feel better...I swear!

Weekend Overload

I do not recommend
Such a busy weekend.

I went for a swim,
Worked out at the gym.

I rode my bike,
And went for a hike.

I vacuumed and mopped,
Then grocery shopped.

I need to recover
Under my bed cover.

Rest 'til Friday then,
Do it all again!

April Fool

Brother put a cockroach
On my dinner plate.
I got so scared
I couldn't see straight.

Then he gave me
An exploding pen.
With blue fingers
I practiced Zen.

Next I got soaked
From his squirting flower.
Instead of drying off,
I took a shower.

My brother makes me feel
Like such a fool -
*sniff* I cry.
*slurp* I drool.

Then I remember
Today's April 1st -
April Fool's Day,
For better or worse.