Run Anyone?

Everyday Mom goes for a run.
It doesn't look like that much fun.

When she comes home her face is red,
I'd much rather stay in bed.

She's completely sweaty, her shirt is wet.
She's the smelliest person I've ever met.

Next time she asks if I want to go,
I will answer with a resounding, "NO!"

Potty Training Puppy

Puppy waits
In his crate.
He gets fed,
Back to bed.
Puppy naps
Until he yaps.

At the door -
"Not the floor!"

Back to his crate
Puppy waits.
I wipe clean
The stinky scene.

Can't Wait for Spring Break

I weep and ache
For Spring Break

One more week,
I get weak.

I can't wait
Or think straight.

I'm gonna play
Vacation away.

But for now
Homework I plow.

My mind strays.

Pending vacation -
My temptation.

Roadrunner's To-Go Meal

Seeing roadrunner
With his food tonight,
Made me lose
My appetite.

Past our window
He did streak,
A limp lizard
In his beak.

Solving For a Hair Raising Problem

(bath + splash)(wet+hair)
      a good night sleep         =  bedhead

What Should I Wear to School?

The clock is ticking,
I have trouble picking...
What should I wear to school?

Should I dress for the cold
Or a fashion statement bold?
What should I wear to school?

With my polka dot skirt
I can't wear a plaid shirt.
What should I wear to school?

Is it warm enough for capris?
They look so good on me.
What should I wear to school?

With extreme caution,
Are pajamas an option?
What should I wear to school?

Maybe my favorite jeans,
If they weren't obscene...
What should I wear to school?

Yesterday's clothes is what I wear,
At this point I just don't care -
It's what I'm wearing to school.

Crow Concert

Open window,
Fresh air flow.
Nice until,
I hear a crow.

Or two or three -
A symphony?
More like
A cacophony.

Crows are fine
In the pine.
But not when
I'm supine.

At 5 a.m.
It is mayhem.
On my nerves,
And cranium.

Close window,
Stop air flow.
Wide awake,
Sunrise glow.

Sneezy Puppy

Puppy rolls on her
Back, back, back.

Her tail wags
Smack, smack, smack.

She enjoys the cool
Breeze, breeze, breeze.

Until she starts to
Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze.

(A spring allergy for my lil' puppy...achoo!)

Everyday Is Today

I have

any kind of day
I want




Dad's working 
With tools.
He plays music
That is cool.

I wiggle.
I shake.
A new dance
I make.

I try to
Teach Dad.
His dancing
Is bad.

His feet 
My laugh
I muffle.

I tell him,
Find your

He starts
To twitch,
Like he has
An itch.

I tell him,
His back
Might pop.

I have to
Be curt.
I don't want
Him hurt.

So Dad ends
His dance -
Stops his 

I crank the
Music louder.
Dad fires up 
His router.

With tools
Dad's the best.
I prefer
A dance-fest.

Monster Moth

A monster moth
On my window tapped.

Trying to fly in,
It got itself trapped.

Its wings slapped.
Its energy zapped.

Eventually it collapsed.


A monster moth
On my window tapped...

Toxic Warning Limerick

Baby's bottom goes boom!
I want to leave the room.
He is so smelly,
I'm sick to my belly.
Beware the diaper of doom.

Mood Improved

Yesterday I was grumpy.
My day was rather bumpy.

I ate and went to bed early
And woke up much more girly.

Mom and Dad are so happy
That I am not so snappy.

Proper sleep and good food,
Put me in a better mood.

Storm Watchers





Naughty Leprechaun!

He makes a mess,
He causes distress.
Naughty Leprechaun!

He wears green,
He's sometimes mean.
Naughty Leprechaun!

He steals my toys
Without much noise.
Naughty Leprechaun!

In March each year
He tends to appear.
Naughty Leprechaun!

He and his gold-filled pot -
Are they real or not?
Naughty Leprechaun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Waiting for Sleep to Come

I wrap myself 
a warm, velvety cocoon 

Waiting for sleep to come.  

The scent 
detergent engulfs me, 
steeps me 
in the familiar.
Waiting for sleep to come.  

My eyes 
shut tight 
to block
the clock's incessant 
red numbered 

Waiting for sleep to come.  

I burrow deeper 
sheets and blankets, 
wrapping my ears 
to guard against
the faintest
night noises.
Waiting for sleep to come.  

my breathing lengthens, 
my thoughts slow, 
my muscles relax 
sleep comes...zzzzzzz.

A Message from the Fish

My glass was clear,
But now I can't see.
It has greened up
From the algae.

Please clean my tank,
It's hard to breathe.
Not only that
I'm starting to seethe.

All I really want
Is my tank clean.
When it is dirty
It's just plain mean.

Happy Pi Day?

I'm in the mood
For some Key Lime,
And Dutch Apple, too.

Maybe Lemon Meringue,
Or Chocolate Cream -
You want Pumpkin, too?

What, no pie?
I think I shall die -
I can't celebrate this way.

Without the pie
I see no reason why
To celebrate Pi Day today.

Dish Doing

wash my dish

in the sink

reach up high

dish I drop

did not break

Mom is miffed

wash my dish

Messy Desk

I ask my friends
When I need pencils,
A piece of paper,
Or fancy stencils.

The arrangement
Of my school desk
Is a precarious,
Perilous mess.

If I move my books
Or my pencil case,
My desk will vomit
All over the place.

So I leave things
Just as they are
And mooch from friends
Both near and far.

Missed Movie Night

I lay in bed
Wide awake.
I close my eyes,
I try to fake.

I try to dream,
But I can hear
A movie playing -
Loud and clear.

It's no fair
My bedtime's early.
Missing the movie
Makes me surly.

I now vow
To stay up late
And watch a movie -
I can't wait.

But Mom says no
To my request.
"It's a school night,
You need your rest."

As I dose off
Snug and tight,
I dream my own movie
All through the night.

TV Time Out

TV's off

TV's off

Without TV
We're on track.

Without TV
Reading's back!

Windy Day

It's windy,
It's gusty.
It's blowy,
It's dusty.

The wind-chime
Is making a racket.
Our screen door
Blew its bracket.

It's windy,
It's gusty.
It's blowy,
It's dusty.

Forget your hair-do,
Hold onto your hat.
This wind is crazy.
Where's our welcome mat?

It's windy,
It's gusty.
It's blowy,
It's dusty.

On this windy day
Inside I'll stay.

Phone Etiquette

Your phone dings,
Buzzes and rings.

With each call and text
I feel more vexed.

Please turn it off -
I really must scoff.
You're making a call,
From the bathroom stall.

Snack Time

Gotta hankering
For a snack.
To avoid
Hunger attack.

Cheese, nuts,
Apples, too.
Keep me happy
To make it through.

Dinner's not ready?
Alas and alack!
Good thing I had
A healthy snack.

Rogue Grape

Out of my hand
A rogue grape fell.
It rolled away
Moving pell-mell.

Onto the table,
Then onto the floor.
That grape wibble-wobbled
Right out the door.

It made its escape
To the garage,
Where it lay quietly
Next to the garbage.

The garage was hot,
The temp was blazin'.
That silly rogue grape
Is now a raisin.

A Dog's Life

Our dog slept
Throughout the day.
Literally snored,
Didn't want to play.

She's exhausted,
Completely spent.
A weekend away
Is where she went.

The rest of us are
Back at school and work.
Sleeping all day
Is not our perk.

If only we could
Sleep like the dog.
We wouldn't spend
Our week in a fog.

Tumbleweed Crossing

twig over sprig

zag and zig

You Are Kind

I really appreciate
All the times you are kind.
Whenever I need it
You help me out of a bind.

Being helpful and sweet -
You have the knack.
I love your kind words
And pats on my back.

Flower Power

I love the smile
On your sweet face
When you get flowers
In a tall vase.

Our humble table,
The bouquet does grace.
Not quite a dozen -
Just barely diez.

Sadly bright blossoms
Are no longer the case -
Shriveled blooms
Took their place.

But to the florist
I will again race,
To put that smile
Back on your face.