To Do List

My to do list
Keeps me on the 
Go, go, go.

I have to get stuff
Done so I don't
Slow, slow, slow.

For my homework
Assignments I have to
Read, read, read.

For my craft
Projects I have to
Bead, bead, bead.

For my piano
Lesson I have to
Play, play, play.

I am so tired I wish
For the end of my
Day, day, day.

I want to 
Have nothing to
Do, do, do.

Instead my
To do list just
Grew, grew, grew.

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Joy said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent.
Your poems are so much
fun, fun, fun.

Woof, woof, woof
I'm an Irish setter
who thinks your poems
just get
better, better,better.

Well done Bridget. Wahoo!

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