Happy Leap Day!

Every four years
We gain a day.
An extra 24 hours
With which to play.

It happens in February,
But never in May.
What will you do
On this Leap Day?

Winter Wanes

The sun's up earlier
And stays out longer.

Winter weather's waning,
spring's momentum is stronger.

Dog Tired

Dog ran,
Dog hiked.
She came along
When we biked.

Dog's tired,
Dog's pooped.
Off to bed
She is scooped.

Catalog Shopping

Shiny, bright,
Pictures delight.

Colorful clothes,
Sandals reveal toes.

I want silky shirts
And flowy skirts.

Order now online.
Package comes - divine!

Troubled Tennis



smack the net

it takes hours
to finish
a set

I'm Alarmed

I'm alarmed to find
my clock
won't wind.

I'll be late
for my fortune,
for my fate.

I'm alarmed.

A Blob of Clay

A blob of clay
Pinched and molded,
Shaped and folded
In such a way
Can become
A turtle or whale,
A bunny or snail.
A blob of clay.

Fat Tuesday

If Tuesday is fat,
Is Wednesday lean?
Then is Thursday nice
And Friday mean?
What about Saturday 
And Sunday?
If they are fun days,
What does that make Monday?

Cactus Carcass

a cactus
the crevasse 
the canyon

I Didn't Forget

It's already night time,
The end of the day.
How did that happen?
Time got away.

I didn't forget
To write my poem.
I needed to wait
Until I got home.

Guard Dog

Pup guards
With a stare.
What's going on
Out there?

In the dark.



My tummy is rumbley.
I am grumbley.
I need food,
To improve my mood.

To Do List

My to do list
Keeps me on the 
Go, go, go.

I have to get stuff
Done so I don't
Slow, slow, slow.

For my homework
Assignments I have to
Read, read, read.

For my craft
Projects I have to
Bead, bead, bead.

For my piano
Lesson I have to
Play, play, play.

I am so tired I wish
For the end of my
Day, day, day.

I want to 
Have nothing to
Do, do, do.

Instead my
To do list just
Grew, grew, grew.

Depends on the Day

On weekdays
I get up late.
Missing the bus
Is my usual fate.

On weekends
I'm an early riser.
Up with the sun  -
Which is wiser?

Dual Celebrations

A balloon,
A flower.
I devour.

You're so sweet.
Tonight will you
Massage my feet?

Plus Arizona is
100 years old today.
Our statehood we celebrate.


Watching movies,
Eating cookies.
Going for a run,
Life is always fun.

With my best friend.

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Joe Uhlik!

Awake in the Night

I was wide awake
For most of the night.
Not from a loud noise
Or a nightmarish fright.

I just kept thinking
With every turn and twitch,
I wish I could find
My brain's "off" switch.

A Delicious Bowl of Poetry

is like
a bowl of ice cream
generous scoops
delectable language.
gooey rhythms
decadent rhymes.
humor and emotion.

Savor it
often and out loud
to avoid
brain freeze.

Bad Day

I had a bad day,
Everything went wrong.
I missed the bus -
I showered too long.

I forgot my homework,
I had to sit next to Stu.
My experiment blew up,
Got gum on my shoe.

Finally today is over
And I am home with you.
Hugs and a bowl of noodles
Help me face tomorrow anew.

Cold Sneezon

I'm achy,
My hands are quaky.

I'm sneezy,
My breath is wheezy.

I'm hot,
My nose's full of snot.

I'm sick,
I feel like ick.

*Godda dissue?*

Hide and Seek

When I play
Hide and seek,
I stay hidden
And never speak.

Around the couch
I like to sneak.
I stop occasionally
And steal a peek.

The game is long
If my foe is weak.
I give the game
A little tweak.

I creep behind Mom,
Nothing creaks.
I yell, "Boo!"
She always freaks.

Fashion Trend

I grope in the dark
For something to wear.
I grab a shirt, some pants -
Any combo, I don't care.

I zip waiting for the bus,
And tuck during the ride.
I'm fine with my clothes
Until I hear a comment snide.

"Hey what did you do,
Get dressed in the dark?"
All the kids stare at me
Before the bus can park.

I look down at my outfit
And see what they see:
Stripes, plaids, and polka dots -
A fashion emergency!

I hold my head high and say,
"I chose this outfit for a reason.
Matching clothes are boring, 
Mismatched is IN this season."

Stripes, plaids, and polka dots -
The next day it's all you can see.
Mismatched kids everywhere,
All thanks to little ol' me.

Post Game Assessment

The game is over,
One team won.
No more football -
The season's done.

The commercials were
The highlight of the game.
The football parts
Were boring and lame.

Washing the Car

car is wet
I like to play

car is clean
I am bubbily

car is rinsed
wet daughter

car is dry
I'm in the tub

I'm Late

I'm late.
I'm tardy.
I'm totally behind.

I'm lagging.
I'm slow.
I hope you don't mind.

Full Time Artist

I color in the morning -
Before I even eat.
I draw in the evening,
I doodle on my feet.

I sketch and draw all day -
Especially at school.
Everyone but Teacher
Thinks it's pretty cool.

Groundhog Predicts *

peek and see
shadow on the ground
groundhog predicts spring's arrival

* This poem is written in the Fib poetry form. Not fib, as in a little white lie, but as in the Fibonacci sequence.  The syllable count by line is 1/1/2/3/5/8.